Leopard Nunchaku Series Penis Sleeve
Leopard Nunchaku Series Penis Sleeve
Leopard Nunchaku Series Penis Sleeve

Leopard Nunchaku Series Penis Sleeve

BDStyle, Leopard Nunchaku Series Penis Sleeve, Performance Enhancing Cock Sheath

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Product Description

Extra stretchy silicone material is used to create the Nunchaku series of Penis sleeves. Absolutely clear and textured the will add excitement to your love making when worn. One size fits all and there is definitely one that will suit your sensual play or why not try them all?

The Leopard - Clear sleeve with two spiked rings two thirds of the way up the shaft and a spiked tip for extra sensation.

The Tiger – Clear stretchy sleeve with spikes surrounding the first quarter of the shaft from the tip.   A clear plain ring then follows, smooth shaft and then at halfway down another raised ring with circular bumps.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex – Stretchable Sleeve with the first 1/6th of the shaft from the tip with spike, followed by a narrow plain raised ring, then raised ring with circular bumps repeated one more time for ultimate pleasures.

The Wolverine – Interesting sleeve that stretches that coming up just over halfway up the shaft are three slim raised rings followed by another three raised slim rings that run at a 45% angle.


Size: 14.5cm (5.7") 2.8cm (1.1") 


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