Falcon Leather Code Bands Yellow

Falcon Leather Code Bands Yellow By Icon Brands is the new Hanky Code, the new way to show your true colors

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Product Description

How can you tell people at a kink event what you're into without necessarily opening your mouth? You wear a colour coded system.


This has long been the way to identify your fetishes at parties for many year


The gay sex scene has long had a style of colour coded systems that make for great ways to tell people what you're into at a sex party. Wear the colours on your wrist or your cock!

Code Bands - Dark Blue - Anal Sex
Code Bands - Light Blue - Oral Sex
Code Bands - Yellow - Watersports
Code Bands - Green - Hustler/Prostitution
Code Bands - Orange - Up for Anything
Code Bands - Grey - Bondage


Just keep in mind that some parties might have different colour codes to indicate different things, always be sure to double check the code for your party to ensure that you're not getting yourself into something that you might not be as attracted to!


Icon brands is a powerful up and coming brand. The likes of which has not been seen in the adult toy industry for some time. This power brand has only been in the game for a couple of years, but have already secured powerful porn studios to team up with, which include; Bel Ami, cock boys, Falcon, Raging Stallion and Evil Angel. Don’t let the fresh face of this company fool you, they certainly know what they’re doing and how to deliver what you’re looking for.