Rikers Locking Chastity Cage

Rikers Locking Chastity Cage By XR Brands is sturdy, yet semi-flexible, with an opening for urethral access which aids in extended wear

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Product Description

The Rikers chastity cage is for those that like it simple. This cage has features which make it comfortable, versatile and easy to wear for extended play. For those that enjoy chastity play, orgasm denial, or a lifestyle of chastity, this would be the ideal chastity toy for beginners and experienced fetish lovers alike.

Urethral Opening; Breathe Holes

Three Different Sized Rings

Lightweight and Hypoallergenic

Cage Securely Locks To Ring without Additional Lock

Lock and 2 Keys Included


Measurements: Cage: 1.4 inches internal diameter, 2.75 inches internal length; Rings: 1.65 inches in diameter, 1.75 inches in diameter, 1.85 inches in diameter


XR brands produce high quality adult toys. Famed for their kink lines Master Series, Strict Leather, Zeus electrostim and Tom of Finland – these guys know how to produce quality adult toys. Although new to the market, they have exploded across the world and are dedicated to bringing you toys that deliver fun and pleasure.