Invisible Chastity Belt

No-one will know he is wearing it but him and his keyholder. The invisible male chastity belt will keep all those chastity issues in check!

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Product Description

Take your bdsm to the next level and experience orgasm denial and chastity play with this male chastity belt.

Invisible Chastity Belt Net Cage

Color: Silver + Black/Pink
Stainless Steel+ Silicone
Locking: Lock Key
Cock Cage Size: 
Waist Length: 6 * 3.6 cm/2.4 * 1.4 inch
60-70/23.6-27.6 inch
70-80/27.6-31.5 inch
80-90/21.5-35.4 inch
90-100/35.4-39.4 inch