Hung Low Steel Ball Stretcher

Hell's Couture, Hung Low Steel Ball Stretcher with Chain is a great CBT play Toy for pain lovers and those that really want those droopy balls

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Product Description

With the Hung Low Ball Stretcher anyone can develop their own set of true lower hanging testicles! An impressive genital package always includes the testicles hanging relaxed, dangling below the tip of the penis. This is guaranteed to impress in the locker room and sauna! Manhood, virility, sexuality, potency, and the true essence of being male are all brought to the forefront of the mind with a large-appearing low-hanging genital package


Ring Size; 42mm

Weight; 550g

Chain Length; 12"

Solid Cylinder Weight Size;

Width; Diameter 45mm

Hight; 45mm


The biggest range of fetish and bondage gear is owned by Hell’s Couture. They produce myriad of unique pieces across ranges such as leather wear, leather restraints to steel sex toys including penis plugs, metal restraints, steel butt plugs and a host of kink gear in between. If you’re looking for something new, something kinkier than what you have, then you can be guaranteed that Hell’s couture is going to have exactly what you’re after.