STUK Heavy Locking Testicle Steel Mount

Hell's Couture, STUK Heavy Locking Testicle Steel Mount, Furniture Restraint that can be Set up on the Wall for Ball Bondage Play

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Product Description

The heavy locking ball weight has been welded to a 250MM long post that can be mounted to a post or to a beam on a wall. The ball mount is a sturdy stationary bondage device that works almost effortlessly! By simply locking the bottoms balls to the wall it prevents him from moving out of the standing position with out pulling on his balls and torturing himself.


This device is sure to cause immeasurable frustration when trying to ward off anything a top can dream of doing to a ball bound captive. Other inside diameters available as custom order on heavy locking cock rings and ball weights and on the locking ball mount.



Innder Lock: 25mm

Ball Width: 20mm



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