Shadow Stainless Steel CBT Piercing Chamber

BDStyle, Shadow Stainless Steel CBT Piercing Chamber, Screw Tighter Cock and Ball Torture Device

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Product Description

This sturdy device acts as a ball stretcher, scrotum torture device, and ball collar all in one! Four pointed screws line the inside of this devious piece, which can be twisted to apply more pressure. This is the perfect accessory for those that enjoy sadomasochism or simply love some Cock and ball Torture.


The front features a steel O-ring, so you can lead your pet around with a leash, add ball weights, or lock him in place. Use alone or in conjunction with other toys, this unique toy is as versatile as it is effective.


Inner diameter: 2.7-3.3cm
Thickness: 0.7cm
Height: 2.7cm



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