Chastity Device Testical Ring
Chastity Device Testical Ring
Chastity Device Testical Ring
Chastity Device Testical Ring
Chastity Device Testical Ring

Chastity Device Testical Ring

BDStyle, Chastity Device Testical Ring, Accessory for Chastity Cages Interchangeable Cock Ring

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Product Description

This interchangable ring can be used with the following cock cages. It's important for a cock ring that you're getting the right sized rings and cage. This ring allows you to interchange it with the below listed cock cages for the eprfect fit, of for situations where you need a tighter fit for short term use. Whilst it is acceptable to use a tighter ring for a short amount of time to achieve a specific look, we do not recommend using a losser fit ring as it can pull the balls and shaft in awkward positions and potentially lead to damage.


Ensure that you are following the normal advice given to wearing cock rings and ensuirng that there is no substantial change in colour or numbing which indicates that the ring is far too tight. 


Rings 38mm 46mm 50mm


Lock & Key Male Chastity Device

Double Barrel Silverado Male Chastity Device

So if the ring you have is not the right size or you just like the option of changing sizes grab this great accessory for male chastity devices,


*  Please note this product is NOT a certified surgical steel grade product *


The BDStyle fetish company is a relatively new company that specializes in bondage, kink and fetish gear. They have an extensive range of fetish gear which includes leather restraints, leather suspension gear, and puppy play. BDStyle specializes in making affordable bondage gear for the everyday person that just happens to be into kink. If leather isn’t your thing than you should consider their extensive steel collection. Whether you’re into male chastity, penis plugs, or restraints that you simply can’t get out of. Quality and affordable bondage gear.