Why Is Chastity A Virtue And What About Forced Chastity

There are a lot of discussions that have come up concerning chastity and why it is considered a virtue. Before we get some more in-depth insights lets us start with the basic understanding of chastity being a virtue.

Virtues are deemed to be the foundation of good moral being. Various virtues are considered as acceptable in society. They can also be derived from religious teachings to safeguard to regulate people’s behavior. Virtues are also used to identify someone’s personality because it gives a holistic image. Well, Morality is very essential in contemporary society. This involved instilling codes of conduct to the young generation so that they can leave a moral lifestyle.

Well, in this case, chastity is often perceived as abstinence from premarital sex. Chastity can be considered as abstinence because most biblical teachings and any other religious explanation about chastity emphasizes on staying pure before marriage. Most teenagers perceive this as an outdated lifestyle which is not practical. However, the relevance of chastity is to prevent sexual misconduct which can lead to frustration and depression. Chastity helps in preventing premature pregnancy among teenagers which is a big problem in society. Most teenagers end up terminating the pregnancy because they are not able to raise the child or to formalize their relationship.

Additionally, the virtue of chastity prevents the contraction of deadly diseases such as HIV/ AIDS and other STDs which can be fatal. In some cases, victims of these infections end up spending a lot of money on medical bills while others might end up in death. Therefore sexual purity as its standards that should be upheld. Most religious teachings uphold chastity to be away from a living godly lifestyle.

This is because of sexual immorality not in accordance with religious teachings. When chastity is upheld in society the teenagers will grow up knowing what is right from what is wrong. The complexity of morality that is being faced today is as a result of not observing chastity when it is appropriate.

Therefore this should be a virtue that is taught so that it can be a personal decision whether someone is under supervision or not. In this case, someone is considered to have observed chastity when he can manage to control sexual desires that could lead to immoral behavior. Well, as this is seen as a way of preventing sexual problems there are some cases when chastity can be forced. The big question is will forced chastity be also considered as a virtue or it will be bondage meant to control someone’s behavior.

What is forced chastity

Forced chastity is imposing regulations or restrictions to make someone live in chastity. This implies the person is restricted from having sexual partners for some time until the person who is imposing the restriction feels that it is the right time. For instance, a parent may impose forced chastity on the children because of the fear of premarital pregnancy or having multiple sexual partners when the children are tender in age.

According to psychology, a virtue is a good behavior which is based on personal decision. In such a case it is an inbuilt principle that guides the person whether he is under someone’s supervision or not.

Forced chastity has the same goals as personal chastity because at the end of the day the ultimate goal is preventing sexual immorality. However, in such a case forced chastity involves strictness which can also involve the use of devices to prevent one from engaging in sex.

Some people have capitalized on the use of software to track the locations of people who are under forced chastity. Others have used lockable devices to prevent one from having sex.

Therefore imposing Forced chastity is not a guarantee that someone will practice chastity when left alone. This is a temporary solution. If someone as crafty behavior will do what as per his sexual desires especially when he is not under regulations. That disqualifies was just from being a virtue. Forced chastity features some elements based on bondage which is against someone’s free will.


Chastity has a lot of benefits especially by ensuring the society is living upright. This is to prevent immorality such as premarital sex adultery masturbation and other forms of sexual immorality. When chastity is maintained there will be less likelihood of sexual immorality.

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