Using A Male Masturbator Is So Normal: You Won’t Even Believe It

You might think that this isn’t the best idea but still, you’re here anyway so maybe you might also think it is. Well, I say that choosing to have a good time is always a stellar idea and I don’t think that you should let what other people say come in between you and some good old fun. You may think that everyone’s eyes are on you but really, they’re not. You just feel self-conscious because you’re quite new to the whole thing.

Well, let me tell you something that you may not know or refuse to believe: More people use sex toys than you know. Like, seriously, a ton of people (male and female) use sex toys to have a good time so you don’t really have to feel self-conscious about trying to own some. Why don’t you start your own collection with a male masturbator, huh?

What Are Sex Toys?

Just because you’ve gotten old doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to have fun anymore. After all, you might age up but you’ll always and forever be a kid at heart. The only difference when you’re a full-pledged adult is that your play pen kind of expands and your toy selections get a little more “sophisticated,” if you know what I mean. You let go of Legos and start playing Barbies – the real, life-sized, and complete with all feminine features type.

And guess what? It even comes with accessories!

Yes, you heard it right. When we say Barbies we don’t really refer to those mini plastic dolls that have detachable heads. We’re talking about big boy dolls or sex dolls that are widely used by men who can handle a lot of good fun at night. There are even male ones for women now. Check it out here:

Also, by accessories, we mean every other sex toy that you can possibly play with it. We’re talking about pocket pussies, the tenga moova, and male masturbators! If you’re in for a chilly night, these babies are sure to keep you warm. That’s just how adults do some weird fun!

If you’re quite new to this ravishing world of sex toys, then it’s good to start with something common or easy to use. Also, it would be good to start with a sensation that you’re most familiar with which is why the first toy that we’d recommend you to buy is the male masturbator. You have to trust our manly judgement on this. Once you get a feel of the sensation this toy delivers, you’ll never go back to the old hand and lotion jig ever again. This is new age masturbation and it is everything your horny heart desires.

What Is A Male Masturbator?

Why do you think it’s called a male masturbator? Well, it’s because women masturbate too and they have their own set of toys and tools for that. A male masturbator is specifically made for the satisfaction of the male species. It is specifically crafted to give a surge of pleasure to the male genitalia.

So um, what does it look like?

Well, different brands have different versions of the product. There are male masturbators that look obviously like male masturbators and there are those with a more discreet design. However, every toy of this kind has two key features: Suck and Blow.

The first thing you do when you use this device is you insert your penis into the orifice. Now, some devices would make this opening resemble a woman’s vagina, mouth, or even butthole. This is all to give you a more realistic and immersive experience. The material used is also medical grade silicone that is soft enough to feel like real human flesh. In other words, these masturbators are carefully made to recreate the sensation of sex – oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Check out the top 10 male masturbators on this page.

To improve the experience, users are often advised to use the device with lube (short for lubricant). After all, since it is still a machine, there will be no natural lubrication so buying a good packet of lube and smothering the opening of the device with it will definitely improve the quality of the experience. Most masturbators will have an up-and-down mechanism, like when you do a hand job. There will also be controls to help you adjust the tightness of the device.

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