Taking A Beating By A Black Mistress

After a good night’s sleep he started to come around as she looked to him she smiled and looked at the wilted body, bruised and battered soul on the bed thinking back to yesterday’s session.  She realised it was intense and finished putting on her gear. Many months of training both physically and mentally made her slave able to handle any of her cold hearted and blazing whippings. Through gritted teeth he would sometimes cry out but these were only slip ups in an otherwise controlled environment and he learnt his lessons fast.  She smiled even further remembering that the whippings and beatings became more intense, sometimes she would increase the duration of the whippings just to spite him for slipping up.

Straightening the leather bands that held up her thigh high boots she gave the final tug making herself look all the part as mistress. Looking at the full length mirror she was more than satisfied with the way she looked. Her breasts protruding from the tight Brazier, The cleavage popping out from the middle and from between those luscious breasts hung a single key. Her make-up  was garish and the lipstick bright red, her dark eyes were accentuated by the mascara and eyeliner she used. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, which was long and sleek hanging from her back. She thought to herself it’s time to wake up the slave. 

She went to the bedroom and sat on the side of the bed. He must have heard her or felt her and began to Stir. His legs and arms tied spread eagle and he naked on the mattress with a blindfold on. She took a moment to look at him and admire how helpless and pathetic he looked. It was then that she realised the ties she had used were nylon and had burnt red welts into his wrists and ankles. She thought for a moment trying to jog a memory how should make such a clumsy mistake.

“Good morning slave it’s time to get up’, she said. 

 As she spoke it was obvious that he was terrified.   He struggled against the ropes but to no avail. The shiny metal chastity cage that covered his penis had droplets of blood each side. The camasutra chasity cage with spikes have done it’s job.   It turned her on that just her mere physical presence could inflict such urgent physical and mental turmoil to her slave. Her voice and presence commanded it. It also meant that he realised but he will be sexually denied for the duration of their relationship.

‘Mistress’ he whimpered.

She said. ‘I trust that you have enjoyed sufficient physical pain. you must know by now but it pleases me to make you suffer. I’m proud of you for enduring this.’

Both he and she realised that she was a cruel mistress. Experience had taught him that he should never show abundant Joy or pain. When he showed Joy she found an easy way to take it away, when you show pain she inflicted more. 

His whole body stiffened when he felt her loosening the ankle restraints. Praise was rare from this cruel mistress and he wondered what more was in store for him.  After she had undone those ankle restraints she went to his face and removed the blindfold. As he opened his eyes he saw her leaning over him. he looked up sheepishly and saw her cleavage and the key but couldn’t find the chastity device.   he reacted by pulling on the ropes about his wrists.

She giggled and said, ‘don’t worry I’ve got something special for you.’

No sooner had she said this and the door to the bedroom opened and muscular statuesque woman Amazonian Proportions entered the room. ‘Have you met my friend Lisa’, she asked.

The Ebony skin on Lisa like she have rubbed olive oil over her body. she was wearing a g-string and no bra and her 38dd bust what’s solid full stop the muscles in her legs would you find and almost bodybuilder like. In one hand she held a whip and in the other a paddle.   before you think of what was going to happen he heard and saw simultaneously the crack the whip as she Cast It to the Ground.  

Lisa laughed as she approached the bed and said, “So this is the half-man you want me to make mincemeat of?”

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