Milking The Prostate!

Now that you’ve read up on the potential dangers of long term orgasm denial – lets go through releasing that pressure through prostate milking. We’ve all seen that video in Road Trip with Stifler being milked – all that really is a prostate massage. Prostate milking is very different to an orgasm in the sense that a milking will essentially drain the prostate of seminal fluid without the orgasm. The people who experience it will often colloquially refer to it as a ruined orgasm – it is often deemed as a necessary part of BDSM and prolonged denial of orgasm, however it is generally performed with regards to the prostate health on a chaste submissive male.



We just mentioned that milking is very different to an orgasm, and I’d like to expand on that by being clear. Milking is not an orgasm, nor is it a massage. A massage has the connotation that it is a pleasurable experience, and a massage will often result in an orgasm. Milking is literally the removal of semen from the prostate and can be done without an erection. The fundamental difference to a milking and massage is the way in which the ejaculate comes out of the body. If it squirts, or if it comes out in rhythmic pulses/dribbles then that was an orgasm. If it just dribbles out with no pulses, but just like an overflowing cup then that is considered to be a milking. This is usually anticlimactic, there is no orgasm and it is a very different sensation for a male that has never been milked before. Men can ejaculate with orgasming, however very few men train their body to experience this and as a result, when they undergo a milking, they reach the very precipice of the orgasm, they can feel the ejaculate leaving the body, but there is no orgasm and this is a very strange and unique experience.

A prostate milking is not originally given as a pleasurable experience. It is used to clear out all the seminal fluid that has built up in the male reproductive organs, inclusive of the prostate. Orgasms and ejaculations will normally result in the fluid being flushed out, but if you’re denying a male that opportunity then the fluid will build up. Even if a male is not having regular sex then the body turns in a pressure cooker of sorts, and will naturally release the steam through a nocturnal emission, otherwise known as a wet dream.

Since the body is generally trained to experience these with an erection, then the body may be interrupted during this process through wearing a chastity device. The sudden onset of pain that occurs as the body tries to get an erection may wake the individual and prevent the body from releasing steam. In the event that a male is unable to orgasm, the fluid that is not expelled from the body can become toxic and lead to quite dangerous bacterial infections. There are some studies which suggest irregular or infrequent denial of orgasm can lead to an increased risk of prostate cancer.

So, from there the question becomes just how regularly you should empty the prostate? There’s really no hard and fast rule on this – and if you were to Google it, then you would discover a wide range of different arguments telling you. It really should be up to the submissive. Some recommendations range from once a week, to once a month. We asked a few urologists and they said that there was no hard and fast rule in regards to milking. The general consensus was that if it’s an occasional long term denial of a period of a couple weeks, then that everything should be fine. However, if it was consistently beyond this time frame, then milking is recommended. If he is at any point experiencing pain or inflammation then he should be released immediately, and sent to the doctor or allowed to masturbate or be jerked off, and then put back under. If the inflammation or pain continues, discontinue the use of the device immediately, and send him to the doctor, without fail.

The thing is that if the prostate is inflamed – then milking it will be rather painful and unless this is something you’ve both agreed on, is usually not recommended. Milking is also not recommended on anyone who have prostatitis, or any illnesses which affect the prostate inclusive of bacterial infections. At all stages, orgasm and natural release is preferred. Many men will get off on stimulating the prostate – if that’s the case should prostate milking be considered as a form of reward? No, not in the slightest. Milking can actually have the adverse effect and be purely agonizing and devastating to men.

Proper milking has a very similar feeling to an orgasm, but it is completely devoid of the pleasure and the intensity. You’re literally bringing him up to the precipice of orgasm, and then pushing him in only for him to instantly be at the bottom and bypassing the rush of the fall. Unfortunately, milking does take some of the edge and the energy out of a male subs horniness. Being horny is the bodies way of indicating that the prostate needs to be emptied, through milking you’re emptying the prostate just without the orgasm. As such, a submissive or chaste male will still be hornier than a complete orgasm, but not as horny as he was before the milking. This might make him a little difficult in the time proceeding the milking as we all know that a horny submissive male will be much more susceptible to training and other activities.

Prostate Examination
Prostate Milking



Milking a prostate isn’t always easy and you’ll need to be able to take a while to figure out the best mechanics in order for it to be successful. Even when you are an experienced ‘milker’, it can still take several minutes to perform a milking procedure. For the best results in a prostate milking, make sure that your male has an empty bladder and has had a recent bowel movement. These will help ensure that he is relaxed, and this will ultimately make the entire milking process to be far easier and cleaner experience for you both. Failing this you could always use an enema, though it’s dependent on your preferences. In terms of ‘milking’ there are three ways to go about this process.



This is the easiest way, but it is also kind of cheating. You could simply let your chaste male have an orgasm. It’s entirely up to you as to how you want to set up the frequency of this whether this be weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. You might be really disappointed and unhappy with allowing him to experience an orgasm, (or he might be as well) but keep in mind that there’s nothing in this first way that prevents you from ruining the orgasm. You can ruin the orgasm by very, very slowly bringing him to the edge and then removing all stimulation. Waiting a few moments, giving a stroke or two and repeating. Very similar to edging, there will come a point where the body can no longer contain itself however it will not receive the orgasmic bliss that is granted through the stimulation. What will happen instead is a rather sad little dribble.

You could also, just before he orgasms, squeeze the base or head of his cock tightly to prevent semen from escaping – this is another way to ruin a guy’s orgasm. The third way to ruin the orgasm is to inflict some form of physical pain as he climaxes. The pain will override the pleasure and instead make the entire situation to be very uncomfortable for him. There are other unorthodox ways to ruin the orgasm including providing distractions in the form of loud noises, photos of family members, or even shocking/scaring the submissive male with a particular action that they don’t enjoy. A ruined orgasm can be hard to achieve, especially if your submissive is not to be trusted, but it heightens the sensation through increasing the amount of frustration that the submissive male will receive.



External milking. External milking involves the stimulation of the prostate through soft stroking of the perineum. The skin between the base of the balls and the ass. This can take a while, but if you do this whilst he is stimulating you, you will find that it goes quicker. Though, you need to be able and aware to understand where he’s at so that you don’t accidentally overdo it and result in an orgasm. This is essentially an external massage of the prostate, because the prostate will be sitting behind this bit in most males (give or take an inch or two). The sensation that this technique gives is a very similar sensation to urinating, except with the knowledge that you’re not urinating and that you can feel your prostate being emptied in a flowing sensation. There’s no pulses and there’s definitely an element of torturous frustration because you know that there’s something missing from the overall sensation.



Internally by hand or by P-Spot toy. There are a lot of toys proclaiming themselves to be prostate massagers out there which will help you in this regard, however, we strongly advise that you do it by your hands first. The reason that prostate toys are so popular is that they’re generally used by a male to reach and stimulate his own prostate as opposed to having someone else guide it in for him. With the toy, he can feel what he is doing, you can’t feel what you’re doing with a toy, so it’s definitely best to use your own fingers to begin with as this is the best way for you to learn exactly what you’re doing. First, trim your nails. Sounds pretty simple, but a lot of people don’t consider it. The end results can be pretty nasty if you do forget, just a heads up. They need to be short so that you do not accidentally tear or scratch anything, as the anal walls can be very delicate. We also suggest that you use gloves, sterile latex gloves will serve you well. Using a water-based or silicone lube (silicone will stay slippery for longer) insert your index or middle finger into his ass.

From here you’ll need to move upwards and deeper, almost as if you were trying to poke his belly button from the inside. You’ll find his prostate in this general vicinity anywhere from 1 to 3 inches. Your feeling for a ball shaped organ roughly the size of a walnut. Keep in mind that you’re not going to be able to hold the ball as the rectal wall will be in the way. If you’re having difficulty finding it, take off your chaste males chastity cage and stroke him to an erection and towards an orgasm. If you’re right near the edge of an orgasm you’ll find that the prostate is very hard to miss as it will have become enlarged through swelling. If you’re in the right spot what you’ll find is it placing pressure on the prostate will make him want to pee.

Once you’ve found the right spot, what you’ll need to be doing is massaging that spot all around the sides. What you’re essentially doing is forcing the semen out, so you need to be able to take your time, but not be too gentle. Do not place too much pressure on the center of the prostate because this in turn could cause damage to the urethra. This process can take a while, so you need to be patient. Even the most experienced ‘milkers’ can take several minutes to achieve milking.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of milking with the finger, you can try using a toy. The reason why we recommend using the finger is so that you get a physical feel as to what it is happening. You could get something simple, or you could get something that has a variety of bells and whistles on it and you might even find that this can speed up the entire process for you. Since your goal with milking isn’t necessarily pleasure, there’s by no means any reason to specifically buying a vibrating one as well. Just in case you’re submissive male has already suggested the use of a vibrating sex toy. Some males will have a refractory period after milking, and this refers to the time that it will take for them to get hard again. Some males will not have a refractory period, and others still will have a refractory period for an orgasm but will not have a refractory period when there is milking. There’s a range of responses when it comes to this so if it’s something that you’re interested in, by all means give it a go and some exploration. Alternatively you can just lock him back up and put him out to pasture for the rest of the day.


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