Wearing My Male Chastity Device!

Wife BDSM Fantasy

I am one of those men who have been fantasizing about getting bound and dominated by my wife. I love being her slave; I love calling her my Mistress, my Goddess! I love that feeling of submission that clouds my mind and whole body whenever I am requesting her to unlock my Ridem Tiger so that I can go get a shower. It is a feeling that makes me orgasm!

Before I bought my first male chastity device, I longed to be locked, loved and owned by my Wife, and when I acquired it she also started enjoying satisfying my long-time fantasy. She loved that I have had such a feeling. My Ridem Tiger has helped our sexual life a lot by bringing us closer intimately. Wearing My Male Chastity Device causes more sexual arousal for my wife!  Whenever I am wearing my Caged Dragon or Ridem Tiger all day long, it means that I actually get more sexually aroused for my Wife because my mind always returns to the holder of my key; my Mistress; my Goddess!

Each and every time I visit the washrooms and see the lock-up on my genital area, I am reminded of why my body belongs to my wife. The male chastity device is a constant reminder of my obligations to my wife; I never forget about her at any one moment during the day. These few years I have been wearing this device, I have been able to appreciate my wife and the pleasures she gives to my body whenever we are together, even more! I have completely stopped masturbating. Before I started using my male chastity devices, I was so addicted to masturbation. This frustrated my wife a lot when she discovered my addiction. She always complained why I was doing this yet she always tried to pleasure me as much as possible. So, when we decide to buy my Caged Dragon, stopping masturbation was one of the things we discussed.  At first, I would get very frustrated on being unable to touch myself as I had been used to. But with time I was able to appreciate the importance of stopping this addiction and it slowly left my mind.

Metal Chastity
Chastity Device


My Chastity Device does not really restrict my erection. Getting aroused is not really important at all when I am wearing a male chastity device. But erections are natural, and when hormones are stirred up, the penis will just get erect naturally. In fact, we wear chastity devices primarily to avoid doing what we can do when an erection happens! That is the reason why I wear a device that is always comfortable enough not to severely restrict my penis if – and when – a natural erection occurs my Caged Dragon or Ridem Tiger does not make me feel pain or any much discomfort whenever I get aroused. The cages are made in such a way as to allow an erection to push it away from my body because the root of my penis remains outside the cage.

Regular wearing of a Male Chastity Device gives me Better Control over my body. Regular wearing of a male chastity device and experiencing less orgasms over time means has mentally tuned me to have a better control over my other erogenous zones like the neck, nipples, ears, balls and even the anus. Trying to maintain chastity through orgasm denial has helped me become a more tender, more sensitive, more considerate and more passionate lover.

When Wearing My Chastity Device, I have discovered that My Penis is not the only thing that matters!  I have been able to gain a better appreciation that my penis is not the only thing necessary for good sex. I have learnt to enjoy the pleasures of my own body without necessarily having an orgasm or a direct touch to my penis. I have been able to become a better lover to my Wife by discovering whole new ways to excite and arouse her body. Overall, I have discovered how my pleasure is found in my Wife’s pleasure. Pleasuring and pleasing my woman has been my ultimate reward; a reward that has earned me a lot of release and even helped me orgasm at times!

My Male Chastity Devices have helped me become more productive.  Since I started using the Ridem Tiger and the Caged Dragon, I have been able to control my feelings in such a way that I do not waste a lot of my time, money and energy with other women like I used to doi before. This is not because I am only restricted from doing so but because my mind has been accustomed to only think of my Mistress and Goddess, the holder of the key to my bondage!   Whenever I travel out of town for business transactions; I only think of my Wife whenever I get aroused. And when I am back home, I can’t wait to make love to my wife!

I have no bad reactions which are allergic whatsoever which is why I really love wearing my male chastity devices! If you find your skin becomes irritated you can frequently use lubricants around the cock ring to help keep these device’s from producing to much friction against your body. Your body will eventually get used to using the device’s. It will make you pride about your self control and you will start to behave like a grown up man while releasing maximum sexual potential on your partner. As a partner there is no more need for you to engage in oral sex with him. He will be quite happy about the release of his sexual tension. He will play with your body and tease you with a stronger and harder erection that will satisfy you till you fall asleep in your bed. Its important that you measure your male chastity device correctly and you will be in wonder when your friends compliment you about your attentive and wonderful partner. They will be jealous of your committed and strong relationship.

Once you have locked your partner’s penis with a chastity device he will become more helpful in and outside of your relationship. He will be at your service at any time of the day. He will know that the only way to release his penis is to please you. It is very nice to keep him away from the nasty and badly sexual relations with masturbation and enjoy him as much as you like.