50 Reasons To Wear A Chastity Device!

1. I wanted to stop masturbating and stay pure, clean and ready to make love with my life whenever that she chose.



2. I wanted to surrender the complete control of my manhood to my wife, and to reassure her that I did not cheat (which included playing with myself), when I was traveling for work.

3. I wanted to increase and heighten awareness of myself when it came to the ideas of sexual relief and pleasure.

4. By stopping my ability to masturbate, I in turn would become very attentive to my wife. During previous sexual activities I would always come too quickly, and now the focus has shift to me being able to pleasure and satisfy my wife by giving her repeated orgasms whenever she chooses.

5. To stop masturbating for no reason. By not having the ability to masturbate, it makes me incredibly horny all of the time as I am now in a constant awareness of my penis.

6. Even though I am no longer able to get an erection except when my wife chooses, i am still mentally aroused by her sight, as well as the feeling and physical act of being locked in a chastity cage.

7. I wanted to satisfy my wife in all things sexual and I can do this by remaining in a constant and continual state of arousal. This allows me to serve her every wish and desire without the distraction of my own sexual release. I adore the constant teasing that occurs through the use of wearing a chastity device. I love channeling this teasing into discovering new ways to pleasure and satisfy my wife in ways other than through the act of penetration.

8. I wanted to satisfy my wife and make her happy by being a better husband. My removing the distraction of sexual energy I have now found that my time and attention are going to who and what is important, where this wasn’t the case before being put into chastity. My mind is now in the right place, and for the right reasons.

9. I wanted to increase the sexual tension in our relationship. By avoiding all masturbation, I am now saving my sexual energy for the love of my life, my key holder.

10. I believe that every male should be kept in a state of chastity and denied sexual pleasure until the time comes where his dominant deems it appropriate to release him.

11. I wanted to experience the frustration of being unable to secure sexual release and I view this as a sign of devotion for and towards my wife.

12. I wanted to be easier to control, and to learn how to be a much nicer, more attentive husband. I love the feeling of being controlled.

13. The thrill of being chaste appeals to me, as I enjoy being the slave to a woman.

14. To cease the useless act of masturbation and to ensure being fully given to my wife. Giving her the attention and energy that she deserves.

15. I find arousal in the idea that I am unable to get an erection. I am now fully aware of my manhood at all times and understand the limitations that it had placed onto me.

16. I wanted to spice up my sex life and to be in a position to fully understand, and demonstrate, the love that I have for my wife.

17. I wanted the fantasy of being a chaste male and the opportunity to exercise physical self-control.



18. I wanted to sacrifice my needs so that I could better please my partner, and be in a position where she has the attention that she deserves for being my wife.

19. I wanted to serve my mistress, give myself wholly unto her whims and desires. I find the idea of edging to be incredibly erotic, and I enjoy the constant teasing and being turned on even though i cannot release it.

20. I wanted to be able to serve my wife better, and not be wasting any of my energy towards my own selfish pleasure.

21. I found that I was using masturbation which would impact my sex life with my wife. I wanted to refocus the sexual energy and behavior that I was exhibiting back, exclusively, towards my wife.

22. To increase attentiveness through the use of sexual frustration. This frustration has increased my levels of intimacy and devotion.

23. My wife likes to be in control when it comes to our sexual intimacy, and enjoy surrendering it wholly to her.

24. I want to work towards longer term bondage. The focus of the key holder is very intense and there is an incredible sense of belonging when one is under someone else’s control for a period of time, and perhaps indefinitely. I have found that this is an exceptionally good idea for maintaining a relationship.

25. I like the idea of being forced to please my wife when there is no guarantee for my releasing and there is potentially no relief for my longing and suffering. I like the building up of sexual tension until the moment that it is released and at my wife’s desire.

26. My keyholder has told me that the longer that I wear my chastity device, the more sexual and erotic I become when I do nothing else but serve her whims and desires.

27. Chastity has made our sex life amazing, and I enjoy the comfort and safety in the knowledge that she now trusts me completely, as I am no longer in a position to potentially have sex with anyone other than my wife.

28. By not being able to have sex, it makes me exceptionally conscious and aware of the enjoyment of sex. In addition, I no longer have to attempt or seek permission to initiate sexual activity, as the choice is now wholly up to her.

29. Every night is now far more erotic, even when I find that my wife is not in the mood for sex. The buildup of sexual tension is amazing.

30. It is the wish of my wife. I am now, her property.

31. Chastity has led me to being able to control my masturbation and pornography habits.

32. I find that chastity excites me. I enjoy the humiliation that I feel not being able to control my sexual desires and manhood and I love the control that this has given to my wife.

33. I have found that being unable to satisfy my sexual urges that it has increased my arousal levels, and makes me incredibly horny most of the time. It satiates my submissive feelings and plays with my mind.

34. There is an increased sexual excitement through the use of this form of bondage.

35. I found this an exciting and new way to experiment and enhance the sexual nature of our relationship.

36. I love my wife, she makes me whole, and I want to devote my life to her through being the most attentive, and the most loyal partner than I can be.

37. When wearing the device I have discovered how different sex makes me. I am now more caring, more attentive, and more devoted to my partner than I was before.

38. My orgasms are now more intense through the heightened and prolonged sense of foreplay. Not knowing if this is the moment where I will get the opportunity to be free, adds to the excitement of being in chastity, and makes me try harder to make my wife happy in the hope that she will release me.

39. I am aroused by the fun and frustration of not being in control. I like my partner being in control as I find this to be very arousing.

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40. Chastity was the completion of a personal fantasy of mine. I enjoy serving my wife, and being controlled. My sexual needs and desires are now the control of my wife, and my sexual release will be continually denied until it suits her.

41. There is an excruciating pleasure of not being able to be in control. This pleasure was frustrating and made me angry at first, until I had learned to channel that energy on to the pleasuring of my wife.

42. I am not able to focus wholly on her with no distractions. My release is subject to her control, my orgasms when I get them are more intense.

43. Through chastity I am able to experience more powerful sexual activities and to be far more loving to my partner.

44. I now understand that my wife wants me solely for her sexual gratification. The sole reason as to why I am now wearing one (as I would never have agreed to it to begin with) was that I simply woke up one morning to find it had been attached to me. In her mind, she put it on my so that we could be more intimate as lovers and sexual partners. She had noticed that when we had not had sex for a while, that I would become a better lover.

45. It turns us both on. She completely loves being in control of the situation and it turns me on that she is in control.

46. I wear it because I am told to, I am the object of sexual gratification and I cannot be trusted.

47. The wearing of a chastity device has adjusted my attitude, it has encouraged my feelings of submission and it has ensured a growth in the level of her dominance as a result.

48. It has added new facets and dimensions to our relationship. It has allowed me to get closer and more intimate with my wife, and I enjoy the feeling of not being my own person who I can control as I am controlled by another.

49. It is a symbol, expression and physical manifestation of my devotion to my wife.

50. I am constantly horny. A horny slave quickly becomes an obedient slave in the hope of being released.