Should You Create A Dungeon or Pleasure Room in Your Home?

For a lot of people who are into the kink scene, the idea of having a place in their own home devoted to practicing their preferred brand of BDSM or other sexual activities can be something very appealing, but actually getting to the point of having your own dungeon can be a fairly big commitment.

Of course, there is more to the decision about whether you should convert a space in your home into a sex dungeon or pleasure room than whether or not you have the space available to begin with, and so, assuming you do have a place, whether it’s a spare room, a basement, a loft, or perhaps even your bedroom, what else is there to consider when choosing whether or not to do it?

Are You Going to Benefit From It Enough?

Are you considering becoming a professional dom or dome? If so, then naturally, the answer will be yes, as you will be able to use the facilities you set up to see clients at home. However, if this isn’t something you are planning to do, and you don’t want to use it to host things like BDSM parties, then you’ll need to evaluate whether your personal demand for a dungeon will make it a good use of space. If you are living a lifestyle where you would use the dungeon a lot, then it could make a big difference to the things you can do at home and enhance your experiences, however, if you only tend to indulge in these kinds of activities from time to time, or only with people you don’t see very often, then it may be better to instead invest in some things you can bring out when needed, rather than having a permanent sex dungeon.

Will It Cause You Any Problems?

If you hardly ever have anybody over who isn’t already appreciative of your interest in BDSM, then there’s nothing to worry about, but having a room in your house that you don’t want family members to see or non-kink friends to ask questions about can be stressful, as can having a bedroom that has a clear ‘sex-dungeon’ look to it if you’re prone to having guests. While it’s probably not worth worrying about what a random electrician might think in an emergency if it is going to be stressful for you keeping your mother who comes over every week from nosing in your dungeon, the hassle of it may not be worth the positives.

Kitting Out Your Dungeon

Let’s assume you’ve decided that your potential dungeon will get enough use to make it a good use of space and won’t make your home life stressful. If so, the last thing to consider is the investment. At this point, there’s no reason not to have a dungeon, but you should probably put some thought into your budget for it and how to get the most out of it in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Look at options and prices for things you’d like to include, for instance, if you’d like to add a swing to your sex dungeon and consider also any other furniture or decoration you’ll want to create a tone you like. Remember you can always add things over time, so focus on the things you’ll use most first.

Look around online for pictures of other people’s dungeons to get an idea of the different and unique styles that can be created. You can also take inspiration from clubs and other venues, or from other aesthetics that fit with your particular style of BDSM (for instance, actual historical dungeons, or luxurious sex clubs).

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