Sex Toys For Men: Why Is It Still Taboo?

Why Men Sex Toys are considered a Taboo

How would you react as a man if your partner decides to surprise you with a sex toy? It sounds just as weird as it would feel. You’ll start asking yourself a thousand and one questions, wondering what your spouse thinks of you. But no need to do so. Sex toys are good for sexual stimulation, which is very crucial for you and your sex partner. Let’s find out why society still thinks men shouldn’t embrace sex toys.

Media Perspective

The media influences how we view things in society. This isn’t just for TVs and radio stations, also for social media platforms. The impact that comes along with advertisements and their level of influence is significant. When male sex toys are advertised, we often may think that those consumers are members of the gay society. Most men wouldn’t want anything to be labeled as gay. This often creates some form of stereotypes on these toys even before fully understanding the actual benefits sexual stimulation has to offer.

Toxic Masculinity

Have you heard of what most people consider as traits of real men? One which is most common is that real men don’t cry. Real men shouldn’t even use sex toys. What does sexual stimulation mean to them? They have sex, procreate, and that’s it. Using sex toys would mean you cannot get a woman, and you would be seen as a failure. They would rather go to some of the best dating sites than get a sex toy. Most men have let this toxicity sink so deep in them that they can’t even reason out facts from fiction and societal myths. Why don’t you choose to be you, take your path!

Low Promotion

It’s prevalent to find articles in magazines and newspapers or even sections of news segments talking about the benefits of female sex toys. Some of these articles have been written by men, “what is considered sexual stimulation and why female sex toys are important”. What about our fellow brethren? Don’t they need to be stimulated sexually as well? Most writers shy away from that conversation. If you can’t talk about it publicly, then that means there is a problem. We should normalize having such discussions, write about them. Let the people know that male sex toys are just as important as female sex toys, and sexual stimulation is essential for all genders.

Lack of Support from the Male Gender

Sure you’ve heard of the saying that goes, “United we stand, divided we fall”. This isn’t just a quote for the books but rather reality. Women, unlike men, won’t mind talking about owning sex toys and even their experience in using them. They would even recommend where to get better ones with good quality and a better experience. This is entirely the opposite for men. If, for instance, men are having their usual drinks as they watch a game or just hanging out, then one comes up with that topic of owning a toy. They would throw stones and, if possible, dismiss him from the group. Why is it so yet they are using them secretly? Healthy sexual stimulation is essential, and we shouldn’t shy away from talking about it.


Sexual stimulation and mental health go hand in hand. You can’t feed one and neglect the other. That’s why we must normalize talking about it and stop being judgmental. Just like women, men also need to have their sexual desires met without being seen as perverts or gay. That’s why most would prefer these best dating sites where they can meet someone new and strange to try out these new stimulation methods. It won’t be taboo if we normalize and enlighten society on the benefits of men’s sex toys.

What are your views on male sex toys, and would you recommend your partner to get one? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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