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Locked Chastity

There is a lot of information about chastity, and some of it can be quite in depth and detailed. If your partner has expressed a desire to wear a chastity device, you might find yourself a little confused. As such, we have compiled a list of FAQ’s with responses specifically geared towards the dominant, key holder, husband/wife whose partner has asked for a chastity cage. This might be a useful page to read before diving into some of the more in depth articles.  It is always great to go to one of the better adult shops where you can gain personal advice.

The idea of being denied sexual delight for the benefit of satisfying you is exceptionally thrilling for your sexual partner. We all have mystery fantasies and dreams and male chastity is only one of those. Since this sexually exciting craving includes the utilization of a chastity cage or belt some of you may find it a bit unusual – and we won’t deny that. However, with time, patience and understanding and a little bit of reading, such as what is found below, you will hopefully find out why it can be arousing, why men like to be held by a chastity device and finally – how it can benefit you and your relationship.


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Why Does He Find Chastity To Be Sexy?

It’s a mystery obsession that your man finds profoundly provocative, exciting and exceptionally attractive, to the point that even only a picture of a chastity gadget could bring about an erection. But why? Why does he feel the need to lock up his dick behind a cage? Many people say it’s about submission. That it is about submitting his control of his own sexual pleasure to another being. It’s also concerned with physical sensations, as well as the psyche, body, emotions and the perception of self. He will understand the idea of chastity to be a yearning, longing or even obsession.

From his point of view the appeal of the sexual fantasy is that his adoring partner (regardless of sex) holds the key to his manhood, and every one of his sexual desires. His cock becomes your own to do with what you will, to satisfy when and however you like, and you can use his sexual energy to placate your own; you say when and how he reaches climax, and you say when and how you reach climax. You control the very essence of his sexual desire and you can twist and manipulate that (within the boundaries of your relationship) to your every whim and desire.

This does not always mean that he will become submissive in the relationship, though we do acknowledge that there are elements of submission and these will manifest themselves in accordance to the boundaries of your relationship. Indeed, I have read and met many heterosexual and homosexual partners where the relationship dominant and submissive roles have not changed because of a cock cage. Indeed, one woman said that;


‘At First I Found It Quite Difficult – Our Marriage Was Certainly Male-Led And I Am By No Means A Dominant Person. However, I Quickly Learned To Use My Femininity To Take Charge Of His Sexual Pleasure. This By No Means Affected Our Primary Relationship, It Was Still A Male Led Marriage And I Was More Than Happy With That Arrangement.’ Edith

As such, you may be dominant in the sexual aspect of the relationship, but you do not necessarily have to be the dominant one overall in the relationship. Wearing a chastity device is not so much about curbing his sexual appetite or excessive masturbation – quite the opposite really. It’s an interesting contradiction. The idea is that a chastity device is meant to limit sexual pleasure in the sense that the sexual pleasure is controlled by someone else. Yet, that idea of having ones sexual pleasure being controlled is arousing to those that want to be caged. What ends up happening is that someone who is wearing a cock cage / chastity device will usually become more aroused than normal by the very nature of wearing a cock cage. In other words, a device that’s supposed to ‘limit’ arousal actually causes the very opposite to occur!

Some people look at it with a profoundly provocative perspective – that the one that who is caged will find his pleasure in satisfying and pleasuring you. At the end of the day a chastity device may cause him to be continually thinking about his key holder’s necessities over his own – whilst you can certainly manipulate the situation into having this occur; his pleasure comes after your own and the sexual release he craves will only occur once you are satisfied – it is important to remember that his caging is also about him. You are not necessarily secondary to that – but his actions, his desires are now as a result of being caged. How you utilize that creative and sexual energy is entirely up to you.

What If I’m Not Interested In Being A Key Holder?

So, if your partner has discovered the strength and courage to let you know that he’s thinking about chastity devices – don’t dismiss him, mock, or put the activity down. Remember, he has just shared something intimate with you and this communication should be encouraged. Something I’ve learned within this industry is

‘Don’t Yuck Someone’s Yum’

Just put it gently aside, say that you need time because you’re a little overwhelmed and then do your own research – make it clear that you’ll come back to him when you’re ready. Even if you are outright against the idea of a chastity cage, do some research anyway. This will indicate that you have given serious consideration to the idea, that you’re acknowledging the importance that it is to him, and will strengthen the relationship regardless.

What’s Special about it?

Chastity between an adoring couples is one of a kind, appealing and stirring. It is an uncommon closeness between you both, which you can keep a secret from the world – when he walks outside it might only be you and he that know he is under a lock and key. The sexual relationship between you both is likely to change as well – that’s not to say it will change completely but it can change in very subtle and profound ways. Taking away his sexual energy and his ability to channel that sexual energy can allow him to refocus that energy to something else. You might find that it is refocused back onto you, or maybe it will be work, family, life or even a combination of them all!



Will I Have Less Sex Now That He’s Caged?


Male Chastity is about you sharing his sexual dream and him satisfying your sexual needs. His chastity obsession is about satisfying you – however you shouldn’t necessarily take advantage of him wearing the chastity device by getting him to do the cleaning up! (Unless that’s the type of relationship you have both agreed on prior). It’s a mutual loving, caring and supportive relationship and not something that should manifest itself into physical, emotional or mental abuse.

Wearing a Chastity Device does not mean your man is sexually deficient. He can be manly, sexually capable, and appreciate wearing a chastity cage and still be virile and constantly horny. You don’t necessarily have to take charge in the bedroom either – you can still get him to make the first move. Chastity is simply about you controlling his sexual energy.   When you are in the mood you can tease him using some sexy lingerie whilst he is still in chastity – what a buzz being so in control can be.

Being a key holder to your caged up man offers a satisfying sexual coexistence, in an often fun, exciting and joyous way. A way where his thoughts and pleasures are centered on you instead of his cock. Keep in mind that a lot of people believe that sexual activity must result in penetrative sex. By taking the penetration out of it (his) you can fundamentally change the sexual nature of your relationship. This implies and will ultimately demonstrate that sexual joys have a great deal less to do with the traditional PiV/PiA dichotomy than people have given attention to.  Sex and sexuality, arguably has more to do with the joys of extensive foreplay, and the exploration of each other’s bodies. By taking away his act of penetration, it will allow the sexual energy to focus more towards these pursuits than anything else.


Should He Be Permitted To Cum?

Yes. How regularly this happens is dependent upon you. He will likely recommend when it ought to be and given his way then this will be all the time but it is important to remember that it is your choice and only your choice as his key holder. Don’t give in to him every time – else he’ll resent the ease of which he can achieve his sexual climax.


How Does Chastity Upgrade My Sexual Joy?

Some people find different things arousing. It’s like watching porn, or using a particular toy – at the end of the day there are, within each of us, certain things which tip us over the edge. I mentioned above that a cage will most likely increase his arousal levels – some couples report that this increased arousal makes him more attentive, more in tune with his partner. This sounds sweet – but don’t expect it. If you go into a chastity relationship with this in mind – you may end up with some very sorry expectations. However, he can learn to put your needs and pleasure over his.

In the majority of sexual cultures – sex is generally considered finished after he climaxes and ejaculates. Does this mean that you have also achieved sexual satisfaction? It can sometimes feel like you’ve been watching an awesome film together and he switches it off just before the good scenes come on.

Chastity shows him to think of you and your climaxes and pleasures. Whilst holding his key you could delicately deny him consent to ejaculate until you yourself have achieved sexual pleasure. You could even make him pleasure you multiple times before he earns his reward. He could be expected to serve his keyholder with his tongue and lips or maybe your most loved dildo, with expertise, dedication and adoration. He will inevitably turn into an exotic, fun loving individual whereby he is continually considering the sexual needs of his partner.



Why Does He Need Me To Hold His Key?

What arouses him is that his penis turns into your property. You control its opportunity. You hold the key. You are his Key holder.  Chastity depends on the excitement of the psyche before the anticipation of his body.  This shows us that the part of the key holder is vital to the chastity relationship. You excite his mind by holding his key which keeps him from touching his penis thus masturbation and sexual pleasure is impossible without your authorization.

When he first hands over his key, some piece of his dream is satisfied, and on the off chance that you agree to be his key holder you could wear the key around your neck – tantalizingly within view but also well beyond his reach. We’d suggest that you examine our Chastity Article about tips, tricks and safety as well. Always check that you have an extra – in the event that something goes wrong!

Male Chastity Loves Adultsmart!

Community Adult Blog

Intimacy is the best place and the best time for expression. Finding a partner with whom be free is the shortest way to self-discovery, and if one is not allowed to express freely with the other, then it means intimacy is not real.

Bondage Sado-masochism (BDSM) sounds like a tabu, like dark practice your ex is probably trying out with his new partner. And it’s not. Just like sex is a regular thing, a regular action upon which so much meaning has been bestowed, BDSM is also a normal thing.

It’s just not that popular as it’s seen as a porno-practice, something for weirdos and sexually curious people. And this is what we’re talking today: BDSM, and with a special emphasis on male chastity, and why The Male Chastity Blog readers should love The Adultsmart Lifestyle Blog.

The AdultsmartLifestyle Blog is a no-BS site where writers are honest, frank, and open about a healthy lifestyle for men. And a healthy lifestyle includes a healthy sexual life and sexual drive. With sex toys.

And the Male Chastity Blog is what you should be reading if you want to finally spice up your nights in bed. Or, you know, in the kitchen, the living room, the car, the sofa, the bath, the woods. Whatever you like.

The slave and the mistress

Chastity play –also referred to as chastity couples- engage in a game where the girl, dressed in sexy leather and high heels, is the mean mistress, while the boy, dress in nothing, is the slave.

The couple makes a silent contract to make their foreplay fantastic: the boy cannot make any move on the girl until she says so. He is a slave, a naughty little slave, and he must obey as she licks her body, rubs her back with her beautiful feet, kisses his lips, and teases Mr. Johnson.

It all grows better –and harder- with a chastity belt: a penis cage that keeps it away from the action. The mistress is free to tease it until it explodes and, as she keeps the key of the chastity belt, she is the one to decide when to set Mr. Jhonson free.

What better toy than a chastity belt, right? It’s just the perfect excuse to get all kinds of jobs. Fantasies fulfilled.

General rules of chastity play
Chastity couples is a way of living that may or may not go beyond the bedroom. Some couples only engage in this in special moments, while others take this as the philosophy of their relationship.

It’s your call. And here it is:

The slave obeys his Mistress until the Mistress says otherwise. In the body, heart, mind, and soul, the slave belongs to her.

The subdued has a safeword from when things get too heavy for him, and he accepts the responsibility of using it when necessary. The Mistress has to respect the use of the safeword, and if the condition arises, the Mistress will determine the appropriate course of action.

The slave’s body is always readily available for the Mistress, and the slave knows that his girl orders how he should use his body with others. So, in case of playing with other people, there are a set of rules the slave must obey to respect his master.

The slave demonstrates his acceptance of his role beyond intimacy moments: as a way of life, his role and service are 24/7 in the places and tasks the Mistress has set for him.

The Mistress may also hurt the slave to please herself without any reason or warning. The slave knows this and acknowledges that Mistress can use his body, mind, hear, and soul in whatever way she seems to like it. However, Mistress has agreed to not hurt the slave in any way that may require attention from a third-party.

The slave can cry, beg, scream, and plea, but he accepts that this painful expression will not change the way Mistress treats him. He also knows there’s a gag around Mistress can use when she gets tired of his disrespect.

The slave will always be honest to his master and will answer any question directly and without hesitation, especially when it’s about his emotional or physical condition. Furthermore, Mistress expects slave will speak his mind about things that bother him, however, this does not mean slave has a permission to whine.

Concerts are to be shared respectfully and politely. Then, Mistress will judge and take the actions she thinks necessary.

The slave will address his Mistress as “Mistress” or “Ma’am” with love and respect. Meanwhile, Mistress might give his slave “free periods” under which he can express freely with no punishments applied. During this free times, the slave will still address Mistress with love and respect.

Public and private rules of conduct

In private, the slave must greet Mistress wearing his collar, wrist restraints, and a shirt that belongs to Mistress. He must not wear underclothes in her presence unless she says otherwise.

As long as Mistress is home, the slave remains whatever she thinks is appropriate for him and wear whatever she decides. And as the slave leaves the room, the must explains his reasons.

In public, the slave can only participate in the activities the Mistress has approved, and act in such a way that doesn’t call the attention of anyone else. He calls Mistress by his name and dress as he likes for public scenarios, but still seek approval of the clothing he wears to go out.

The chastity agreement cannot interfere with anyone’s career. The slave must work honestly and hard for the betterment and honor of both him and his owner.

Married in Chastity
Chastity Couple

A lifestyle for healthy couples

The Chastity Blog and the Adult Lifestyle Blog can get much from each other. A chastity belt is the first step towards chastity play. If you don’t like all of this rules – like, for example, you like being a man and being in charge and not behave like a little B***h – you could choose to engage in this kind of games on special occasions.

For example, who’s to say you and your partner wouldn’t enjoy being Mistress and Slave during your anniversary? Maybe he deserves punishment for such basic gifts or for the time he was mean to your mother.

And with a chastity belt, man, you can sit down and enjoy your girl teasing and edging you until you have accumulated so much drive that you feel ready to break the bed and sleep for two days straight.

Milking The Prostate!

Now that you’ve read up on the potential dangers of long term orgasm denial – lets go through releasing that pressure through prostate milking. We’ve all seen that video in Road Trip with Stifler being milked – all that really is a prostate massage. Prostate milking is very different to an orgasm in the sense that a milking will essentially drain the prostate of seminal fluid without the orgasm. The people who experience it will often colloquially refer to it as a ruined orgasm – it is often deemed as a necessary part of BDSM and prolonged denial of orgasm, however it is generally performed with regards to the prostate health on a chaste submissive male.



We just mentioned that milking is very different to an orgasm, and I’d like to expand on that by being clear. Milking is not an orgasm, nor is it a massage. A massage has the connotation that it is a pleasurable experience, and a massage will often result in an orgasm. Milking is literally the removal of semen from the prostate and can be done without an erection. The fundamental difference to a milking and massage is the way in which the ejaculate comes out of the body. If it squirts, or if it comes out in rhythmic pulses/dribbles then that was an orgasm. If it just dribbles out with no pulses, but just like an overflowing cup then that is considered to be a milking. This is usually anticlimactic, there is no orgasm and it is a very different sensation for a male that has never been milked before. Men can ejaculate with orgasming, however very few men train their body to experience this and as a result, when they undergo a milking, they reach the very precipice of the orgasm, they can feel the ejaculate leaving the body, but there is no orgasm and this is a very strange and unique experience.

A prostate milking is not originally given as a pleasurable experience. It is used to clear out all the seminal fluid that has built up in the male reproductive organs, inclusive of the prostate. Orgasms and ejaculations will normally result in the fluid being flushed out, but if you’re denying a male that opportunity then the fluid will build up. Even if a male is not having regular sex then the body turns in a pressure cooker of sorts, and will naturally release the steam through a nocturnal emission, otherwise known as a wet dream.

Since the body is generally trained to experience these with an erection, then the body may be interrupted during this process through wearing a chastity device. The sudden onset of pain that occurs as the body tries to get an erection may wake the individual and prevent the body from releasing steam. In the event that a male is unable to orgasm, the fluid that is not expelled from the body can become toxic and lead to quite dangerous bacterial infections. There are some studies which suggest irregular or infrequent denial of orgasm can lead to an increased risk of prostate cancer.

So, from there the question becomes just how regularly you should empty the prostate? There’s really no hard and fast rule on this – and if you were to Google it, then you would discover a wide range of different arguments telling you. It really should be up to the submissive. Some recommendations range from once a week, to once a month. We asked a few urologists and they said that there was no hard and fast rule in regards to milking. The general consensus was that if it’s an occasional long term denial of a period of a couple weeks, then that everything should be fine. However, if it was consistently beyond this time frame, then milking is recommended. If he is at any point experiencing pain or inflammation then he should be released immediately, and sent to the doctor or allowed to masturbate or be jerked off, and then put back under. If the inflammation or pain continues, discontinue the use of the device immediately, and send him to the doctor, without fail.

The thing is that if the prostate is inflamed – then milking it will be rather painful and unless this is something you’ve both agreed on, is usually not recommended. Milking is also not recommended on anyone who have prostatitis, or any illnesses which affect the prostate inclusive of bacterial infections. At all stages, orgasm and natural release is preferred. Many men will get off on stimulating the prostate – if that’s the case should prostate milking be considered as a form of reward? No, not in the slightest. Milking can actually have the adverse effect and be purely agonizing and devastating to men.

Proper milking has a very similar feeling to an orgasm, but it is completely devoid of the pleasure and the intensity. You’re literally bringing him up to the precipice of orgasm, and then pushing him in only for him to instantly be at the bottom and bypassing the rush of the fall. Unfortunately, milking does take some of the edge and the energy out of a male subs horniness. Being horny is the bodies way of indicating that the prostate needs to be emptied, through milking you’re emptying the prostate just without the orgasm. As such, a submissive or chaste male will still be hornier than a complete orgasm, but not as horny as he was before the milking. This might make him a little difficult in the time proceeding the milking as we all know that a horny submissive male will be much more susceptible to training and other activities.

Prostate Examination
Prostate Milking



Milking a prostate isn’t always easy and you’ll need to be able to take a while to figure out the best mechanics in order for it to be successful. Even when you are an experienced ‘milker’, it can still take several minutes to perform a milking procedure. For the best results in a prostate milking, make sure that your male has an empty bladder and has had a recent bowel movement. These will help ensure that he is relaxed, and this will ultimately make the entire milking process to be far easier and cleaner experience for you both. Failing this you could always use an enema, though it’s dependent on your preferences. In terms of ‘milking’ there are three ways to go about this process.



This is the easiest way, but it is also kind of cheating. You could simply let your chaste male have an orgasm. It’s entirely up to you as to how you want to set up the frequency of this whether this be weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. You might be really disappointed and unhappy with allowing him to experience an orgasm, (or he might be as well) but keep in mind that there’s nothing in this first way that prevents you from ruining the orgasm. You can ruin the orgasm by very, very slowly bringing him to the edge and then removing all stimulation. Waiting a few moments, giving a stroke or two and repeating. Very similar to edging, there will come a point where the body can no longer contain itself however it will not receive the orgasmic bliss that is granted through the stimulation. What will happen instead is a rather sad little dribble.

You could also, just before he orgasms, squeeze the base or head of his cock tightly to prevent semen from escaping – this is another way to ruin a guy’s orgasm. The third way to ruin the orgasm is to inflict some form of physical pain as he climaxes. The pain will override the pleasure and instead make the entire situation to be very uncomfortable for him. There are other unorthodox ways to ruin the orgasm including providing distractions in the form of loud noises, photos of family members, or even shocking/scaring the submissive male with a particular action that they don’t enjoy. A ruined orgasm can be hard to achieve, especially if your submissive is not to be trusted, but it heightens the sensation through increasing the amount of frustration that the submissive male will receive.



External milking. External milking involves the stimulation of the prostate through soft stroking of the perineum. The skin between the base of the balls and the ass. This can take a while, but if you do this whilst he is stimulating you, you will find that it goes quicker. Though, you need to be able and aware to understand where he’s at so that you don’t accidentally overdo it and result in an orgasm. This is essentially an external massage of the prostate, because the prostate will be sitting behind this bit in most males (give or take an inch or two). The sensation that this technique gives is a very similar sensation to urinating, except with the knowledge that you’re not urinating and that you can feel your prostate being emptied in a flowing sensation. There’s no pulses and there’s definitely an element of torturous frustration because you know that there’s something missing from the overall sensation.



Internally by hand or by P-Spot toy. There are a lot of toys proclaiming themselves to be prostate massagers out there which will help you in this regard, however, we strongly advise that you do it by your hands first. The reason that prostate toys are so popular is that they’re generally used by a male to reach and stimulate his own prostate as opposed to having someone else guide it in for him. With the toy, he can feel what he is doing, you can’t feel what you’re doing with a toy, so it’s definitely best to use your own fingers to begin with as this is the best way for you to learn exactly what you’re doing. First, trim your nails. Sounds pretty simple, but a lot of people don’t consider it. The end results can be pretty nasty if you do forget, just a heads up. They need to be short so that you do not accidentally tear or scratch anything, as the anal walls can be very delicate. We also suggest that you use gloves, sterile latex gloves will serve you well. Using a water-based or silicone lube (silicone will stay slippery for longer) insert your index or middle finger into his ass.

From here you’ll need to move upwards and deeper, almost as if you were trying to poke his belly button from the inside. You’ll find his prostate in this general vicinity anywhere from 1 to 3 inches. Your feeling for a ball shaped organ roughly the size of a walnut. Keep in mind that you’re not going to be able to hold the ball as the rectal wall will be in the way. If you’re having difficulty finding it, take off your chaste males chastity cage and stroke him to an erection and towards an orgasm. If you’re right near the edge of an orgasm you’ll find that the prostate is very hard to miss as it will have become enlarged through swelling. If you’re in the right spot what you’ll find is it placing pressure on the prostate will make him want to pee.

Once you’ve found the right spot, what you’ll need to be doing is massaging that spot all around the sides. What you’re essentially doing is forcing the semen out, so you need to be able to take your time, but not be too gentle. Do not place too much pressure on the center of the prostate because this in turn could cause damage to the urethra. This process can take a while, so you need to be patient. Even the most experienced ‘milkers’ can take several minutes to achieve milking.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of milking with the finger, you can try using a toy. The reason why we recommend using the finger is so that you get a physical feel as to what it is happening. You could get something simple, or you could get something that has a variety of bells and whistles on it and you might even find that this can speed up the entire process for you. Since your goal with milking isn’t necessarily pleasure, there’s by no means any reason to specifically buying a vibrating one as well. Just in case you’re submissive male has already suggested the use of a vibrating sex toy. Some males will have a refractory period after milking, and this refers to the time that it will take for them to get hard again. Some males will not have a refractory period, and others still will have a refractory period for an orgasm but will not have a refractory period when there is milking. There’s a range of responses when it comes to this so if it’s something that you’re interested in, by all means give it a go and some exploration. Alternatively you can just lock him back up and put him out to pasture for the rest of the day.


The Best Brands:-

There are a few places on the market that will sell male chastity devices. From there it depends on the material and style that you’re after as some of the companies will only specifically make silicone ones, and others will only make steel chastity cages. One of our favorites that create male chastity toys is Hell’s Couture. They are one of the leading manufacturers of BDSM Kink leather and surgical steel adult toys online, and they have years of experience. They have a huge variety of cock cages, chastity devices and accessories and pretty much anything kink related. That’s where we get our stock from, we’ve been enjoying their partnership for years and we wouldn’t recommend anyone else – unless you were after specific and artistic custom jobs.

Wearing My Male Chastity Device!

Wife BDSM Fantasy

I am one of those men who have been fantasizing about getting bound and dominated by my wife. I love being her slave; I love calling her my Mistress, my Goddess! I love that feeling of submission that clouds my mind and whole body whenever I am requesting her to unlock my Ridem Tiger so that I can go get a shower. It is a feeling that makes me orgasm!

Before I bought my first male chastity device, I longed to be locked, loved and owned by my Wife, and when I acquired it she also started enjoying satisfying my long-time fantasy. She loved that I have had such a feeling. My Ridem Tiger has helped our sexual life a lot by bringing us closer intimately. Wearing My Male Chastity Device causes more sexual arousal for my wife!  Whenever I am wearing my Caged Dragon or Ridem Tiger all day long, it means that I actually get more sexually aroused for my Wife because my mind always returns to the holder of my key; my Mistress; my Goddess!

Each and every time I visit the washrooms and see the lock-up on my genital area, I am reminded of why my body belongs to my wife. The male chastity device is a constant reminder of my obligations to my wife; I never forget about her at any one moment during the day. These few years I have been wearing this device, I have been able to appreciate my wife and the pleasures she gives to my body whenever we are together, even more! I have completely stopped masturbating. Before I started using my male chastity devices, I was so addicted to masturbation. This frustrated my wife a lot when she discovered my addiction. She always complained why I was doing this yet she always tried to pleasure me as much as possible. So, when we decide to buy my Caged Dragon, stopping masturbation was one of the things we discussed.  At first, I would get very frustrated on being unable to touch myself as I had been used to. But with time I was able to appreciate the importance of stopping this addiction and it slowly left my mind.

Metal Chastity
Chastity Device


My Chastity Device does not really restrict my erection. Getting aroused is not really important at all when I am wearing a male chastity device. But erections are natural, and when hormones are stirred up, the penis will just get erect naturally. In fact, we wear chastity devices primarily to avoid doing what we can do when an erection happens! That is the reason why I wear a device that is always comfortable enough not to severely restrict my penis if – and when – a natural erection occurs my Caged Dragon or Ridem Tiger does not make me feel pain or any much discomfort whenever I get aroused. The cages are made in such a way as to allow an erection to push it away from my body because the root of my penis remains outside the cage.

Regular wearing of a Male Chastity Device gives me Better Control over my body. Regular wearing of a male chastity device and experiencing less orgasms over time means has mentally tuned me to have a better control over my other erogenous zones like the neck, nipples, ears, balls and even the anus. Trying to maintain chastity through orgasm denial has helped me become a more tender, more sensitive, more considerate and more passionate lover.

When Wearing My Chastity Device, I have discovered that My Penis is not the only thing that matters!  I have been able to gain a better appreciation that my penis is not the only thing necessary for good sex. I have learnt to enjoy the pleasures of my own body without necessarily having an orgasm or a direct touch to my penis. I have been able to become a better lover to my Wife by discovering whole new ways to excite and arouse her body. Overall, I have discovered how my pleasure is found in my Wife’s pleasure. Pleasuring and pleasing my woman has been my ultimate reward; a reward that has earned me a lot of release and even helped me orgasm at times!

My Male Chastity Devices have helped me become more productive.  Since I started using the Ridem Tiger and the Caged Dragon, I have been able to control my feelings in such a way that I do not waste a lot of my time, money and energy with other women like I used to doi before. This is not because I am only restricted from doing so but because my mind has been accustomed to only think of my Mistress and Goddess, the holder of the key to my bondage!   Whenever I travel out of town for business transactions; I only think of my Wife whenever I get aroused. And when I am back home, I can’t wait to make love to my wife!

I have no bad reactions which are allergic whatsoever which is why I really love wearing my male chastity devices! If you find your skin becomes irritated you can frequently use lubricants around the cock ring to help keep these device’s from producing to much friction against your body. Your body will eventually get used to using the device’s. It will make you pride about your self control and you will start to behave like a grown up man while releasing maximum sexual potential on your partner. As a partner there is no more need for you to engage in oral sex with him. He will be quite happy about the release of his sexual tension. He will play with your body and tease you with a stronger and harder erection that will satisfy you till you fall asleep in your bed. Its important that you measure your male chastity device correctly and you will be in wonder when your friends compliment you about your attentive and wonderful partner. They will be jealous of your committed and strong relationship.

Once you have locked your partner’s penis with a chastity device he will become more helpful in and outside of your relationship. He will be at your service at any time of the day. He will know that the only way to release his penis is to please you. It is very nice to keep him away from the nasty and badly sexual relations with masturbation and enjoy him as much as you like.

Sheila Set My Cock Trap!

Adult Chastity Story

You need to see precisely how these chastity devices you buy can be abused in the hands of the wrong lady. How they can indeed be utilized to obliterate a man’s life. The particular case that destroyed my life is fundamentally designed after The Cock Trap. You have probably heard about The Cock Trap from another person already, though if you haven’t it is made of solid titanium. Lightweight, yet completely difficult to cut the material.

Let me introduce you to Sheila

Sheila is the sort of lady who ought to never have gotten her hands on that damn thing. I met her at work. We both had jobs at the same office complex and we both had gotten to know one another over the past six months or thereabouts. She was truly appealing and appeared to be pulled in to me, so I had regularly asked her out on a couple of dates. We had a great time, and inevitably wound up in the sack together a few times. However, after for a little while it was evident to me there was no potential for it to be over the long haul. She simply wasn’t exactly my sort – she was either on the verge of or excessively requesting and inclined to touchiness, if you catch my drift. I didn’t formally cancel it or anything, however I simply let things take their course and in the end quit calling her. Meanwhile, I had met a truly perfect chick named Martha who I was getting to be extremely inspired by.

FemDom Sheila
Hot Mistress Sheila

Yet Sheila wouldn’t release it. She would call me and attempt to rev things up once more. She would stop me in the lobby at work and rub up against me, attempting to entice me to return. Her hand constantly discovered my groin in those experiences, and I would need to physically separate myself from her. What was more terrible, she began sending “presents” to me at home. They generally had some sexual implication, dependably toward the unusual side. Like a paddle, a couple of cuffs, or a butt plug, without any end in sight. There was always a note about how she needed to get together with me to play with these toys. I was nauseated that she wouldn’t stop. Instead of discarding the crap, I generally took care of her gifts and sent them back to her, trusting that would send her a message.

Then she sent me the The Cock Trap

Then she sent one more present. It was the The Cock Trap. I didn’t realize what the hellfire it was when I initially opened it. After I read the guidelines and made sense of what it was, I was more disturbed than any time in recent memory. I couldn’t accept the fact that any gentleman would really wear such a thing willfully. At this point I saw the note from her. I don’t recollect the careful words she choose, yet this one was diverse in tone. Rather than her normal culpable welcome to come play with her and her toys, she appeared to at last recognize that things were over for us, and that this was her goodbye blessing. She was sending it to me in light of the fact that she thought each man ought to have one. “Don’t send it back” she said. On the off chance that I didn’t need it, I should discard it, however at any rate attempt to use it at least once just for the experience. I pushed it away and got prepared to go out with a few companions. It was Friday night.

So… I tried it on

I was all around inebriated when I returned home, and saw her little gift sitting on the table where I had abandoned it. I lifted it up, aiming to throw it. What got into me next I don’t know, yet it was the greatest oversight of my life. For some insane reason, I choose to place it on. It was probably because of the liquor, I figure, making me sufficiently inquisitive to perceive how it felt. Also, to check whether it truly worked the way it should. So I really put the damn thing on. I fitted the pieces together, placed my cock inside the bended tube and it brought me some completely unforeseen energy. At that point I thought “What the hell! I should get the full experience!” and without further thought got the little metal latch and bolted it on.

I wore it around the house for a little time, just to see how it felt on. No major ordeal, truly. It was well made and agreeable to wear. Also, it obviously performed its expected capacity. Whatever starting energy I had begun to die down. After around a half hour I wanted to place Sheila’s goodbye gift on top of a junk pile, and go to bed. I dumped the three lock keys out of the container and got one to open it.

The key didn’t work. It wouldn’t even go in the keyhole. I didn’t crack at first on the grounds that I figured it simply wasn’t manufactured properly, and I thought that one of the alternate keys would pop the lock open. Anyway, they didn’t work either. None of them would even go in.

I didn’t crack. I was certain I could get the thing off some other way. Yet to make a long story short, after an hour of taking a stab at all that I could consider, including pulling, extending, soaping, lubing and more. I acknowledged there was no chance in hell that this thing would come off of my cock, without getting the key to the lock. I began thinking about whether I would need to call the manufacturer, to get them to send me the right key.

I attempted all the keys once more. It was awful. At this point I took a look at them closely. They were indistinguishable to one another, yet they weren’t even the same brand as the lock. I could see how the wrong arrangement of keys may wind up with the wrong bolt at the lock manufacturing plant. Yet how the hell could keys from alternate manufacturers arrive in the one package. Unless somebody deliberately set me up.

Sheila set me up

In one of those stunning breakthrough moments, I abruptly knew precisely what had happened. Sheila had deliberately exchanged the keys, on the off chance that I would attempt to wear the chastity device and lock it. I was in disbelief. Sheila had the keys to the chastity device that now detained my penis. I didn’t realise in this moment she is my chastity keyholder.

This was a monstrosity. I spent one more hour wildly attempting to get the thing off, without success. At last, depleted, I went to bed. When I woke in the morning, it was like in penis jail where I couldn’t get an erection. I spent the entire day attempting to consider approaches to get it off. By late evening, I acknowledged I was going to need to do what I ridiculously loathed doing. Go request that Sheila let me out.

I went to Sheila’s house

She opened her doorway, radiating in happiness. I’m certain she had spotted me through her peephole. With fake blamelessness she asked, “Whatever brings you over, dear? Did you come to play with me?” I pushed pass her into her loft. “You know damn well why I’m here,” I said. As I passed by, her hand went to my groin and measured it. She quickly could tell what I wore under my jeans and she chuckled generously so everyone could hear. “At long last you choose to use one of my presents?” she asked and snickered. “I’m touched, dear, I truly am.”

“Hold on!” I snapped. “Give me the keys so I can escape from here.”

Sheila said “Well, that is barely the tone to use with somebody who holds the way to your future, if you catch my drift. Also, I guarantee you sweetheart, if that little lock ever does get opened, it will be by me and not by you.”

I frowned at her. “See, Sheila, you know it’s over between us. This was a clever little joke, and yes I succumbed to it, yet now it’s over. You’ve had your chuckle. Simply issue me the keys if you don’t mind?”

Sheila retorted “It’s no joke, and this is not over. This whole situation is on you, and I’m one who can take it off. Also, you should quiet down, in light of the fact that the keys aren’t even here. In case you’re a decent boy, I may go get them for you. Anyway we have a couple of things to do first. For one thing, I simply need to see how it looks on you. Take off your garments.”

I glared. What the fuck did she need? She was more troublesome than I anticipated. Be that as it may I understood that for the time being at any rate, she was on the high ground. I stripped and exposed myself before her. Anyhow it was totally mortifying to give her a chance to see me with that contraption on. She looked at me up and down. She grinned the whole time. At that point she stopped to analyse my cock. She fingered all the fittings, pulled it and pulled on my balls until she knew that it was on for good.

“I have a couple of errands,” she said. “Maybe I’ll have some room in my schedule to recover the keys, but maybe not. Meanwhile, I’ve got a couple of errands I need you to do while I’m out.” She took me to the kitchen. The sink was loaded with grimy dishes. “Apologies, the dishwasher’s broken. You’ll need to do it the way our forefathers would have done it. When you’re done, dust and vacuum the foyer and storeroom. I’ll require the washroom cleaned. The supplies are under the sink. That ought to be sufficient to keep you occupied until I get back.”

I tried to talk, she raised her hand to cut me off. “This is the only chance you have to get it off, sweetheart. I won’t consider letting you out if your jobs are not done when I get back.” Then she got together my garments, placed them in a little travel bag, and was out the entryway before I could do or say anything. She wanted me to do all the jobs naked. I was insulted at the way she was exploiting my situation, however there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. My brain simply kind of went on auto-pilot and I became acquainted with it. I had to submit to her domination.

I was completing my job in the washroom when I heard her arrival. I stayed where and continued to work. I wasn’t ready to see her. I could hear her moving around in the flat, most likely examining my work. She put her head in the washroom entryway. “Looks radiant, dear. When you’re set in here, return to my room.”

When I strolled through her room’s entryway, I discovered her nestled on the bed, grinning bashfully at me. “What the hell!” I thought. It’s accurate to say that she was going to need a goodbye fuck after she takes this thing off me? By then I was willing to do about anything to get this scene over with. Furthermore, I need to concede, she truly was dazzling and unbelievably attractive. I felt my cock attempting to become erect in the chastity device. “Alright Sheila, I’ve played your games to your amusement. Your loft’s cleaner than my home ever was. Where’s the keys?”

Sheila said “The keys? Gracious, I totally overlooked them. I’ll get them later.” As she was talking, she inclined back against the cushions heaped up against her headboard and spread her legs out wide. She pointed towards her pussy and said, “Do one more thing for me, sweetheart. After, we can discuss letting you out.”

We had intercourse multiple times, yet this was one little thing I had never performed on her. Damn it, she’s going to drain this for everything it is worth. I slithered up between her legs and went to take a shot at her. In spite of myself, I got turned on sexually by the entire scene, which made my cock strain relentlessly against the chastity device. It took a considerable measure of diligent work and quite a while to make her orgasm. Be that as it may I at last got her off.

She laid back with her eyes shut, murmuring cheerily. I began to lift my head up however her hands discovered the highest point of my head and pushed my face over into her pussy, making me flounder in her pussy. At that point she began stroking and tapping my head like I was her little pet. “Such a decent boy” she mumbled.

Finally, she swung her legs over my head and got up. She hurled my garments on the bed. “You can get dressed now, dear, and hurry along home. I have a few companions impending over for supper. I considered having you stay to cook for us, however I’ve chosen to spare that task for next time. Much obliged for the cleaning, however.”

Cuckold Erotica
Cuckold Story

I asked “Yet shouldn’t something be said about …?” She quickly responded “It’s not going to happen. Not today. You have to get used to wearing it. Be that as it may dear, if your execution today is any sign, you’re well on your approach to gaining a couple of minutes out of it at some point.”

Sheila wouldn’t give me the key to the chastity device!

What really mattered was that she declined to deliver the key, and there was nothing I could do about it. The following week I was damned. I needed to figure out how to live with a cock in chastity twenty-four hours a day. My morning wood, or what ought to have been erections, were fiercely painful. At work she would stop by my office, teasing me and asking me how her little detainee was doing. On Friday, she instructed me to come over on Saturday. It was the ideal time to perform some tasks once more. I went. She let me get dressed before her companions came over, however I needed to tend to them in every way under the sun through supper and drinks. I had to clean up afterwards in the kitchen.

It has been three months now, she still won’t let my penis out of the chastity device. Not even once. For three months, I’ve had no erections or climaxes. Not that my cock doesn’t strain and attempt to. I’ve never seen the key which could discharge me from my torment, and she has guaranteed me that I will never, ever, discover it. I’ve implored her to take that horrendous thing off of me. I’ve argued. I’ve attempted to dissuade her, to arrange it with her. I’ve offered to issue her anything she needs, to pay her any total of cash. I’ve asked her what issues she had with me, given her the privilege to answer them discretionarily and she continues to deny me of my masculinity. Nothing gets me anywhere. She is the most unflinching lady I have ever met once she makes the decision to something. She undauntedly declines to discharge me. She is totally inflexible in her will. “I adore seeing you like this, sweetheart. It’s a good time for me.” That’s all the clarification she will issue me.

For the time being, I have no decisions in the matter, and I realize that my desire to be discharged from this life of chastity lies in keeping her satisfied so I have learned how to be the perfect submissive in chastity. She’s made that unmistakable to me. She helps me to remember it regularly. So I serve her. I’ve kept on performing my obligations week by week at her home, both work tasks and sexual tasks. She cherishes to straddle me and ride my face to her climax, her fingers profoundly intertwined in my hair. She’s told her companions about me. Sometimes if I am lucky she changes me into a surgical stainless steel chastity device.

Last week, she shut down her condo and moved into my home with me. So now my subjugation is performed in my own home, where she has assumed responsibility of all family choices. She has ordered that we live as sweethearts, with the exception of the detained status of my masculinity. What’s more, I found out that she kept all the sex toys I had sent back to her. As a rule she spares those for weekend play sessions, however I know I may feel the sting of the paddle whenever my execution level tumbles off.

Every night I lick her out. We lay together and we caress and stroke one another as though we were genuine sweethearts. She likes to pet my balls as she nods off, and again when she wakes in the morning.

We’re getting hitched in two months. I don’t love her, however I need to concede I’ve built up an abnormal desiring for her being around and an odd overwhelming need to satisfy her. It’s strange on the grounds that I can remember when I had none of those affections for her. However at times the silliness and boldness of what she is doing to me just overpowers me inwardly. I’ve come to levels of disappointment so extreme that I’ve really cried.

In the event that I keep on being a decent kid, she’s guaranteed to consider letting me out incidentally on our wedding night.

“I’ll be secured” she says.

So that my little penis jail can go right back in later. Also, she isn’t promising a climax. It may just be a chance for my pee-pee to be out in the open for a long teasing session. She alludes to my penis as my “pee-pee” and demands that I do too. In light of the fact that, peeing is all that it does now.

I think about it here and there. The future alarms me. I sincerely don’t know to what extent I can persevere through the life that Sheila has picked for me. Yet, I must choose between limited options, other than to persevere. I take each day by itself thus far I have figured out how to survive. I serve her obediently and I appeal to God for any benevolence she wants to demonstrate to me. I can hardly wait for our wedding night. I’m trained to be her cuckold for life.