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Master series Sado’s chamber silicone male chastity device


Does the thought of submission tickle your fancy?

Does giving somebody control arouse you?





I highly recommend addomt he SADO’S CHAMBER CHASTITY DEVICE to your bag of goodies


 Purpose of a chastity device


The application of a chastity belt is an indication of the control/dominance of the “key-holder” over the wearer’s sexual activities. By wearing the chastity belt the submissive/slave accepts surrender of control over their sexual desires to the other partner, who may grant permission to the wearer to engage in sexual activity by unlocking the chastity device. The dominant may decide when, where, how often, and even if, the submissive is allowed their sexual release. This is a great element of control in a power exchange, as the controlling of ones sexual arousal, release and even orgasms can be both empowering and a lot of fun for each of the people involved.


The wearer of the belt or chastity is known as the sub/slave in a BDSM relationship. This is a part of the wider practice of tease & denial, some people claim it increases submissiveness in their men, other people claim it gets males to be more in tune with their emotions, feelings and state of mind. It has often been reported that when worn, the chastity belt frequently reminds the slave of the sexual frustration they could experience. There’s actually scientific research that’s been placed in this with the effects that an orgasm has on the chemical balance of an individual and how that can in turn affect their personality, and their day to day goings.

Most belt designs cannot prevent wearers from physically touching their genitals but they do usually prevent masturbation. Although devices may hold the penis firm, they can  be loose and, even though sex is impossible, it is possible for manual stimulation even to orgasm however often resulting in a ruined orgasm. The most effective masturbation prevention requires design features that incorporate piercings or a completely enclosed chastity device





– 1 silicone cage/tube

– 3 graduated size silicone back rings

– 2 plastic cinch straps

– 5 individually numbered plastic seal locks

– 1 padlock with 2 keys


Ring measurements are:

– 2” diameter (52mm)

– 1.75” diameter (47mm)

– 1.5” diameter (41mm)


How to apply your brand new chastity device

Please ensure you set up your device correctly, a poorly set up chastity device could result in a serious injury

At first look whilst still in the box my thoughts were it was going to be an easy application with the device but once I took everything out of the box there were heaps of parts and I was a little confused on how to set it up. All you need is; your shaft tube  – ring – cinch strap with white clip – and padlock/numbered plastic lock.


multi part chastity cage in silicone
Silicone CBT Chamber Unboxed

Step 1

Apply a small amount of water based lubricant onto yourself or to the device whichever is preferred to create easy application due too the product being completely silicone I recommend a trim/shave to help lower the risk of pinching whilst using the device , then grab the ring with your preferred measurement around your genital area then take out the small white clip for the lock seal onto

Step 2

Grab 1 of the 2 Cinch straps and push the white clip through one of the end holes and begin to thread the cinch strap through 1 of the top slots of the chastity tube and begin to wrap around the  back ring  whilst heading through the remaining 2 slots after you have reached the full way around back to the other side attach the cinch strap to the white clip again.

Step 3

Get out the padlock or numbered plastic locks and lock it up! 😏

The Sado’s chamber would have to be one of the most comfortable chastity devises I have worn and would definitely have to be the most comfortable I have been able to sleep in with no metal spikes or pieces to give pinching. It’s great for comfort whilst knowing you are still securely locked up.

With great size ventilation holes perfect for cleaning without removal this chamber is designed perfectly with a soft silky silicone for movement & comfort in favour of the slave/sub with no pins or sharp edges for any unwanted pinching.


Master Series

What Is A Chastity Device?

antique chastity

When it comes to chastity, most people assume that it is a female chastity device with which we are talking about. In part, this stems down from a patriarchal belief with the loyalty that women are supposed to hold when it comes to their relationships, thereby freeing men so that they could sow their seed. In reality though, many more men partake in chastity than women, and it’s an interesting fetish which has become increasingly popular in the world of relationships, sex and sexual gratification.


Put simply, a chastity device is a form of control of the wearers sexual behavior, a device which physically inhibits the wearer from any form of stimulation, intercourse or masturbation. Cages come in a variety of different shapes, styles, materials, and even colors, yet they all have a singular purpose; orgasm denial. You might think about why one would want to deny an orgasm, but it is a multi-faceted fantasy that is very difficult to pin down. Being in a chastity device is different for different people, there are a variety of reasons out there as to why one would want to have their orgasms and sexual gratification being denied – but at its core, it relies on a power exchange and, physically and mentally, handing control of one’s own sexual release to that of someone else.

It’s a unique fetish in the sense that the sexual gratification stems from the denial of sexual gratification. How does this even make sense? If you’ve studied other fetishes, or even if you’re familiar with other fetishes, what you’ll find is that sexual gratification does not always have to be about the stimulation of the body, or indeed orgasms. Sexual gratification, or erotic pleasure may be derived from the stimulation of another person, or by being punished, humiliated or something of the like. Usually in these situations the erotic turn-on stems from a mental and psychological perspective, however it can be closely linked with physical factors as well, which include pain and torture.

The point of orgasm control/denial is that it is responsible for an exceptionally long period of foreplay of which the exchange of power is central. The dominant partner, sometimes referred to as the key holder, may simply hold out sexual release until they want it, or they may get the submissive male to partake in a variety of activities and services with which to build favor and potentially secure sexual release. It could also incorporate edging whereby the dominant partner may, at their choosing, bring their submissive partner close to climax before locking them away to serve as some form of punishment. There are a variety of different relationships between a submissive and their keyholder. What is essential, however, is the exchange of power – and like all forms of BDSM relationships this manifests into both a physical and mental pleasure. People who have been restrained speak often about the need to serve, the denial of sexual release means that they are often reduced to a state of serving, or neediness on their partner, and in turn their partner derives pleasure from this constant psychological state of submissiveness.



Male chastity is often thought to be a confusing world because it’s not something that’s often spoken about or even exposed, unless you’re specifically looking for it. This is partly due to the idea, that there is a huge psychological component to chastity that a lot of people simply do not understand. We live in a world of instant gratification, and with the rise of dating apps and apps which can provide access to instant sexual partners, the idea and understanding of sexual release is skewed. We no longer have to wait for

‘Someone Special’

in order to have sexual gratification, and sometimes, for those willing, its far easier to load up an app and get someone over than it is to masturbate. The idea of sex and sexuality is not something which can be confined to physical release and orgasms, sex and sexuality has become much more than that. This is especially the case in a sex positive environment, which provides individuals the freedom to enjoy all forms of sex so long as it is explicitly consensual. Take someone who has had an accident or has had prostate surgery and no longer has functional use of his penis; he can still be sexually stimulated mentally and derive pleasure from that stimulation even with the absence of an orgasm. We all know that one man in our social group that is driven by his sexual needs, and whose focus is on sexual gratification and pleasure. Imagine the idea that he is placed in a position where he has been denied the ability to touch or pleasure himself, could he not then be in a position where he can refocus that energy into other pursuits.

When a guy is caged up he is fully aware that he is unable to bring himself to sexual climax leaving him free to redirect and refocus his sexual energy onto other aspects of this life which he is still in control of. The period of chastity can vary, with some men being restricted for a few days, weeks, months or even years without a guarantee of sexual release. Despite the common belief that a man in chastity can never have any sexual release, the body is still sometimes able to obtain sexual release either mentally, or as nocturnal emissions. To completely deny the release of semen or bodily fluids for any period of time can be damaging on their health – this in turn can force the body to adjust, and ultimately cope in different ways.


man in a cage
caged man



Why Men Want To Be Caged?

A male may want to be caged because he wants his key holder to take sexual initiative within the relationship. By caging the penis, he no longer has control of sexual initiation as it has been transferred to someone else. Surrendering control, or having someone else in control is one of the more common reasons for enforcing a life of chastity. Although the control physically extends to the control of the penis – there is more to it than this. Control will eventually and inevitably spread beyond this, and this might be the type of lifestyle which he is seeking. Whilst it is an underlying and motivating force, it is not always the primary reason.

Enforced chastity allows him to dedicate his loyalty to his key holder and addresses his concerns of trust from his partner to him. He might have already been feeling temptation, or it might be brought up as a result of guilt from a previous situation, or it could be a motivation for him to seek punishment from something real or something he has imagined. Some people seek to have forms of punishment given to them for various ‘indiscretions’ regardless of their validity – this is especially common in religious circles in the form of self- flagellation. If it stems from a place of guilt, then the couple need to have a serious talk regarding the origins of this guilt before engaging in chastity play as it has the potential to become more legitimately cruel than what it should be.

In each of these situations there is a psychological need in being caged, and the fulfillment of that need is part of the sexual fantasy. Fulfillment in this fantasy is not just about physical denial of sexual gratification. It becomes a mindful state which can alter the behaviour of the caged individual both in regards to his relationship or overall life. We have just briefly discussed how this might be able to affect his life in terms of allowing him to refocus his energy on other aspects of life. But there are also many benefits to the relationship as well, by removing the control of sexual gratification he in turn can refocus his sexual desires and pleasures on his ability to serve his key-holder. This might manifest itself into a more intimate and positive relationship.

When it comes to sex and sexual pleasure, societal expectations often dictate that sex is purely about penetrative sex. When that component is taken out of the equation it can result in a more emotionally fulfilling relationship which sees a focus on the needs and desires of the key-holder as opposed to the needs and desires of the caged individual. Indeed, there are many stories out there how caging up their partner has resulted in their partner being more ‘devoted’ to them; actively seeking to fulfill their needs, desires and every whim. In some cases, this does have an ulterior motive, that being the promise of sexual release and tension, however this is not always the case. The individual may simply be feeling the need to redirect their sexual desire and energy into providing their partner with more emotional fulfillment. Often, key-holders will report such things as their partner being more understanding, more attentive and even more devoted to them and the family.

As you can see, there are a number of different factors within the fetish of male chastity and cock cages. Hopefully by this stage you’ll also have gathered that it isn’t some variant of severe trust issues, or forced abstinence, though in some cases this remains accurate.

Materials Made To Make Chastity Devices!

There is a myriad of different chastity style devices on the market, and since everyone has differing shapes, sizes and comfort levels it is important to give careful considering to any form of chastity device before purchasing. Here we will go through differing chastity devices, pros and cons, and the differences in materials. If you’re unsure about chastity devices, if you’re considering chastity toys and not sure where to start, hopefully by the conclusion of this article you’ll be better placed and more informed in terms of making a decision.

A male chastity device is a device that restricts the wearers ability to get an erection. There are many variants of this device; some will be cages, others will be bent at acute angles, but their purpose remains the same – preventing erections. The prevention of erections means that stimulation of the penis is not accessible, and therefore a man is unlikely to achieve sexual release.

We do hate to blow the secret here, but there are multiple ways in which a male could obtain sexual release, and even climax, despite being subjected to chastity. He could engage in prostate stimulation, or the body will provide nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) to prevent the build of semen and fluid – however in either situation he may be subjected to pain and torment through his inability to obtain an erection through the device. Not all devices are the same, nor should they be considered the same despite them all having the same fundamental purpose of orgasm denial. We’ll begin by exploring some of the materials and the advantages and disadvantages of these materials.





Leather Chastity Cages:-


Most people don’t think of leather when it comes to chastity cages, however, leather is the most accessible of cock cages and some of the easiest and most comfortable to use. Leather chastity cages are considered to be entry level cages as they are both lightweight, and durable, and if something goes wrong then they can be removed during an emergency. Leather chastity cages are not always completely made of leather. What they might use, is a leather cock ring, some leather straps to hold it in place, and then a small steel cage either along the shaft, or at the end of the shaft to prevent erections.

Leather cockrings still leave the penis open to access, and stimulation but they will prevent erections. One of the most common types of leather chastity cage are similar to the Stallion Guard. In this the leather cock cage, will restrain the penis by having leather wrap around the base and the balls to hold it in place, but prevent erections through a locking steel cage that is placed over the end of the shaft, and over the head of the penis. The cage, is very simple, very open and will create pressure on a semi-erect cock thereby restricting one’s ability to obtain a full erection.

Male leather chastity may also come in the form of a belt, which can utilize both a cock cage, and an ass plug which can also be locked in. Whilst leather cages can be used for extended periods of time, we would like to remind people that leather is a porous material and can be difficult to clean. If you’re looking at a leather cock cage please see our cleaning and hygiene section to ensure that you’re prolonging the life of this particular type of cock cage to the best of its ability. We do not want to see you with something that’s going to conk out at an inopportune moment and accidentally release your sub! Take further care for regular inspections of leather devices so that they can be replaced before they break out. Leather cock cages will have a little bit of stretch in them and are particularly useful for people that do not like the idea of steel rings around the base of the penis.


Silicone Cock Cages:-


Silicone was brought out to fill in the disadvantages of leather, whilst still maintaining all the original advantages. Silicone is durable, forgiving and has a slight amount of flex to it. Silicone chastity devices were first brought out in 2009 by Swiss company Bird locked, and since then there have been several variations of the silicone cage. The advantages of the silicone cage is that it is soft and flexible, it will warm quickly to body temperature. Further, owing to the notion that silicone is non-porous it’s not going to absorb any bacteria.

When silicone cages first came out it was hoped that they would be penned as the ultimate in chastity devices and in many cases they are; soft, flexible, conforming and incredibly durable. They come in two variants which sees one type as a solid piece, and the second type with a removable back ring. Silicone is lighter even then their plastic variants, however it should be noted that silicone can be grippy and can cause irritation if the device is too tight, but this can be combated with a light coating of talc powder. In an emergency, silicone rings can be cut with a pair of scissors. Silicone can also be purchased in a variety of unique and fun colors, if you wanted something that was a little more fun and exciting than other designs.

Many chastity devices now come with penis plugs for extra sensations or drain tubes/pee through for long time wear.


Steel Cock Cages:-


Steel is what you think of when you turn your attention to cock cages. Steel is an extremely durable material and probably one of the most difficult to get out. Indeed, there are even steel devices which have their locks hidden to prevent them from being bolt cutter opened! There are differing types of steel though, and it is important to note that not all steel cages are the same. You will find that some steel cages are made from medical grade surgical steel, whereas others will simply use a chrome coating which will degrade over time.

It is important that you research exactly what you’re buying so that you don’t get caught out! There are a wide variety of steel cock cages – some of them will be an actual cage, where others be an acutely angled elongated tube in order to prevent erections. With such a wide variety of steel ones out there, it is important to make sure that you’re getting one that truly stands out and fits your needs. Steel can be a beautiful material to work with, fully customizable, and the end results can be simply stunning. Still will be cold to the touch, it’s not a forgiving material and you will need to pay careful attention to the size to ensure that you’re not causing any harm.

Cock Cages with penis plugs are becoming more and more popular as a result of the extra sensations that they can give.  Often a keyholder will demand that her man in chastity masturbate when released with the plug still inserted in the urethra that will give an orgasm often described as

silicone and chastity
silicons chastity device

‘Cumming Inside Out’

The materials of cock cages can vary, and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, metal cock cages are the most durable, and the most difficult to get out, but they are considered to be the heaviest so if you’re looking for something that will accommodate an active lifestyle then this is probably not going to be the one for you. If you have an active lifestyle, engage in sports, or even wear tighter pants and want something to be more discreet then perhaps you should consider the silicone cages as these will best fit what you’re after. The selection of a cock cage is an important decision to make, more often than not you’re going to make a few mistakes with them. Have patience and eventually you’ll be able to find the perfect cock cage that best fits you and your lifestyle.

Chastity Hygiene Tips And Tricks!

Chastity Tips

One of the most important things to remember is that you should treat your chastity device like clothing. Clothing should be washed at the end of each day, and not be re-worn for multiple days at a time. If you’re wearing something for multiple days at a time it can accumulate sweat, bodily fluids, dust particles and dead skin, all of which can contribute to a rather nasty kind of odor which is bound to follow you around all day. One of the best tips to help keep you and your chastity toy pleasant, clean and new is to give it a wash at the end of every day with a lot of foamy and soapy water. This should be a part of your daily cleaning schedule, so you’ll want to be able to devote a little extra time to your routine in order to be able to provide the cleaning that will not only protect you, but also the toy.

If you fail to regularly clean your chastity cage, and clean it properly, you’ll find very quickly that bacteria can build up. A chastity cage is a warm area, and it can often be a damp area as well, meaning that it is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which can potentially lead to rashes, skin infections and other nasty consequences. When we say that you need to clean your cock cage, this doesn’t mean you have to take off the cock cage all the time, so try not to get too excited at the prospect of freedom, Realistically, if you were in a position to take it off every day, then there’d really be no point in wearing it – the temptation to pleasure yourself would be too much and defeat the purpose of chastity. But, with a little ingenuity and a lot of cotton buds to access those hard to reach areas you can effectively clean out your device without having to take it off. This will remove any unwanted germs, and body fluids that have accumulated from daily use and also help to eliminate any odors.

When completing your daily routine, you’ll need some cotton buds and some anti-bacterial soap. What you’ll need to do is to apply the anti-bacterial soap, ensuring that there’s lots of suds, and give just a general wash to begin with. After this, and after you have rinsed the suds off, grab a few cotton buds and either reapply the anti-bacterial soap, or roll the cotton bud in the soap (it’ll help if it is a liquid soap here). Inserting the cotton bud and gently start washing and scrubbing the skin which is behind the cage, ensuring that you’re rubbing the cotton bud against the inside of the cage as well. You’ll need to do this slowly and ensure that it’s done properly, if it starts to sud up and you can’t see, just give a rinse and start again.

Make sure that you’re giving your complete attention to the entirety of the penis and the cage, from the very base to the very tip. This includes grabbing a cotton bud and ensuring that the shaft underneath the cock ring is squeaky clean. If you’re uncircumcised, make sure that you pull back the skin (if you have difficulty use some cotton buds) and ensure that the head is cleaned as well. A lot of men also use high pressure hoses with thin nozzles to achieve a thorough clean – either with a water bottle or with a specialized shower head. If you take care of your cock in the cage, you won’t have to take it off as often for a more specialized clean – which can be a pain as you’ll obviously need to be supervised with the cock cage off!

After washing in this way, you’ll need to pat yourself down with a towel and you may need to use some more cotton buds to get rid of any excess moisture. It is very important to remove moisture, remember how we said that bacteria love warm and damp places, if you’re not removing all the moisture you’ll find that it can cause some skin issues if you don’t take care of it. Some men have reported excellent results with a hair dryer – use it only on the lowest setting as you don’t want to dry out the skin in the device as this can also cause rashes, sore and chafing. Also, this might sound obvious, but if it’s getting too hot, remove the heat. Heat will make you sweat, and sweat will make it damp and then you’ll be right back to square one!

Now, it doesn’t matter how thorough you are with your daily cleaning schedule, we advise that you take off your device on a weekly basis for a deep and thorough clean of everything. If you’ve been using your cock cage for an extended period of time, and you’re feeling that you can go for longer, you can try it and see how it goes but at the first sign of any rashes, itchiness, or unpleasant odors then you will need to take it off. No excuses. Perhaps, you could try extending it by a couple of days at a time. On the first day take it off for cleaning, then go two days an take it off on the third – stick to that routine for a few times then add an extra day. This will allow you to ensure that you’re going okay without going straight off the deep end.

What you need to be doing each time you take the CBT device off immediately inspect for parts that you missed when cleaning so that you know what to focus on when you’re cleaning when caged. Some people find that they suffer from a bit of guilt and shame when they ask to have their cage taken off their device as they feel that they aren’t being true to the life of chastity. No. There is absolutely no shame, embarrassment, or even guilt that should be felt if you are asking for release from the cock cage for hygienic reasons. The thing is, even though you are being in a submissive role, your keyholder should never deny you your fundamental rights to hygiene. It benefits them as well after all!

We still recommend that you take it off weekly though. To do this, you will need to be under supervision. Your keyholder may be there to shower with you, or watch, or they may request that the door be left open and they will randomly walk in to check on you, whereby if they find you in any position which compromises the life of chastity, then you will be punished. The weekly deep and thorough clean serves several purposes. Firstly, it will help you clean any bits that you might have neglected, or couldn’t reach during your daily clean, this includes the skin, and the inside and outside of your chastity device. Secondly, you’ll be able to inspect your penis to ensure that the strain of the penis cage isn’t causing any irritation, any stress to the penis, or causing any scratches, marks or damage to your genitals.

Make a thorough inspection, from the base of the shaft, to the balls, and all along the shaft. Get your key holder to inspect the underside for you, or you might need to get a mirror to avoid any of that temptation (or they might have the intention of teasing you). If you have any cuts, abrasions, marks that should not be there, you should stop using the chastity cage immediately until the skin has healed. You might want to try some skin ointment, healer or softener at this stage to ensure that everything is staying slick and smooth. However, you will need to be able to have the opportunity to massage it in completely, else you’re going to have oily skin patches which is not going to do anyone any favors, which might even transfer onto the chastity cage and damage it depending on the material. So, if you’re going to do something like this, then you’ll need to ensure that you’re paying close attention and that you’re ensuring that the removal of all substances before putting it back on. Make sure you scrub everything, and we mean, everything. Front, back and all the sides. You need to remove all the dead skin cells and bacteria that could have been hiding during your regular daily cleaning.



Whilst you’re uncaged and unshackled, ask your keyholder if they will let you shave. Whilst you’re unshackled is the best time to shave as you’ll find it so much easier than trying to navigate around the device. Though we do recommend trimming as opposed to completely shaving as the itching and reactions that occur as a result of the hair growing back might be exceptionally bothersome when wearing the device. Once you have cleaned both the device, and your genitals you’ll need to make sure everything is dry, completely dry. Once everything is completely dry, spray on some anti-bacterial spray and a good quality one at that.  Such cleaners have antimicrobial activity to battle micro-organisms, infections and growth develop, and a decent disinfectant will make all the difference. Trust me on this one! Wipe it clean again and pop it back on.


Specialty Cleaning For Leather Cock Cages:-


We need to add a separate section for Cleaning leather cock cages because leather is quite porous and cleaning it, as well as looking after it, is quite different to metal, silicone and plastic cock cages. It goes without saying that it is recommended that cages should not be shared between people (realistically, what’s the point), but leather toys should never be shared by people under any circumstances. Leather cages will need extra special care and attention for cleaning, and you will need to be able to dedicate the appropriate amount of time to their cleaning and care if you wish to be able to use leather cock cages, or cock cages with leather on them.

When removing a leather cock ring, you’ll need to follow all of the guidelines which we have mentioned above, as well as the specialty care that comes with cleaning a leather toy. Firstly, you’ll need to get yourself a strong foaming cleaner and a small brush. Even a toothbrush with firm bristles will do well here – and using these you’ll need to wash and scrub the toy. Unlike silicone, metal and plastic cock rings, you should never soak your leather in water when cleaning.

After cleaning, you can wipe down the toy with a 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol solution or spray with a strong (and body safe) anti-bacterial spray. If you’re using the rubbing alcohol, you’ll need to provide a secondary rinse after it has been cleaned to ensure that there’s none left on the device. Once you have cleaned your device, you will need to make sure that it is completely dry. Putting leather back on whilst it is still damp can cause the material to rot, or even go moldy, and that’s something that no-one wants.

From there, you can use a body safe leather conditioner to ensure that the leather does not deteriorate and this will help keep the leather in as close to its original condition as possible. It’s important to be able to clean leather toys effectively and appropriately so as to prolong the life of your leather cock cage. Failure to look after your leather cock cage, and you’ll find yourself in a world of trouble quite quickly.


Handy Tips:-

Scratchy testicles
Itchy Balls

We mentioned shaving earlier, but we’d like to point out. You should not be completely hairless if you’re wearing a chastity device. When growing hair, the skin will secrete an oil to help the hair grow, and this bodily oil can cause some irritation and some skin problems. Also, it’s going to be itchy as hell and this is going to put you in a world of discomfort as when you’re wearing the device you’re not going to be able to scratch and you’re inevitably going to end up doing some weird little chicken dance thing in the middle of your work place as you desperately seek solace from the itching. However, it is advised that you keep your hair trimmed short. Long hair and a shift of position could result in hair being caught up in the device and ripped from the roots which can cause immediate, and sharp, pain.

This should go without saying but if you’re not having fun and the trouble of wearing this chastity cage becomes more trouble than it’s actually worth– then you need to take it off. Don’t stuff around, because if you’re not committed to a device like this – then misuses can cause problems for you later down the track. Maybe you decide that it’s not working with your current playmate, or that it’s become a bit mundane. There’s nothing stopping you from taking it off and enjoying some well-earned freedom only to put it back on in a few months. It should be fun – If it’s not, then you need to reconsider.

Solo Male Chastity!

porn addicts

Not everyone that engages in practicing male chastity is in a relationship. Nor, do they necessarily want to be in a relationship or better yet, they may not even require sexual satisfaction. It’s an interesting phenomenon that sees solo male chastity as either becoming a part of the desexualisation of the male figure, or as an attempt to curb their own sexual habits or even to abate their own sexual interests. Solo male chastity is a very interesting aspect of chastity because the psychology is vastly different than what it is within couple chastity.

In solo chastity, the key holder is essentially yourself, you both deny yourself and release yourself based on you and your needs. Sure, you can ask a friend to mind the key, and there are some friends out there that will not even hesitate to do this. Yet, not everyone has the friend, and the premise of solo chastity relies on your own ability to avoid temptation. There are many reasons why people will engage in solo male chastity. They might feel that they have a sexual compulsion problem which needs to be curbed, they might feel that they need to refocus their sexual energy towards other pursuits and endeavors, they might relish the idea of a personal challenge, they might find the idea of an unknown key holder to be incredibly alluring or they might simply seek to try something new. There are a variety of reasons why someone will engage themselves in solo male chastity.

Curbing Addiction:-

Fetish Porn is an incredibly large commodity in today’s media driven world with an estimated 71% percent of internet users at some stage accessing or consuming pornography. A study from 2009 suggested that the average single male consumed about 2 hours’ worth of porn per week. That’s on average, so there are a lot of males who consume porn at a much higher rate than that. 20% of males in the United States have admitted to accessing pornography at work. With such worrying statistics is it any wonder that some men seek the need to find help? I’m by no means suggesting that the consumption of pornography is a bad thing and there are plenty of studies that agree with this statement – however, as with most things too much of a certain thing can lead to issues. It can become problematic as the situation might cloud their judgement, or it might become an obstacle in daily life, or work life. We’ve mentioned several time throughout this website, that some people choose chastity in order to refocus their sexual energy onto different tasks, and this ‘addiction’ or consumption of pornography might be standing in the way of a few things. It is no small wonder than that there are men out there who, in order to curb their pornography consumption, have chosen to use a chastity device.



The benefits of using a chastity device are that it can lead to an increase in self-control, will power and determination; qualities which can transcend the realm of chastity devices and affect an individual’s daily life as well. Many men report that they have used a chastity device at work in order to help stave off their erections, arousal levels and become more productive at work. However, it does take a while to achieve that higher productivity as you become used to wearing a cage around your cock with the key safely at home. Thinking of the science of chastity and reading that article will help you in understanding the time lengths it can potentially take to increase productivity amidst the rollercoaster ride of dopamine, prolactin, and oxytocin. These men have also found that their orgasms are much stronger when they do eventually find sexual release simply because they’ve been holding out on themselves.


Asexuality & Low Sex Drives:-

The asexual population, or rather those that aren’t into sex or have exceptionally low sex drives, are also users of the chastity device. I was speaking to a friend recently with whom I asked about his decision to wear a chastity device. He explained it to me as whilst he found no sexual attraction in anyone, nor did he have a particularly high sex drive – he still would randomly get erections as the body tested out the arteries and ensures that everything was still functioning. He wore the chastity cage for two reasons; the first reason being that it prevented him getting erections. He’d read about the uses of chastity cages and discovered that there were some men out there who had managed to learn to control their erections throughout the day.



This appealed to my friend greatly, who often felt rather embarrassed at the thought of having an erection in front of other people. The second reason he offered was that it was a safety net for him. He had a very low sex drive, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to occasionally have sex or jerk himself off. This secured his cock firmly in a cage, the key safely at home and he didn’t feel the need to indulge himself every now and then. For him it was about the comfort and the satisfaction of knowing that if he was placed in a situation whereby his bodily urges attempted to overtake him, he would still be in control. Think of it like putting your Credit card in a cube of ice, to delay spending money that you do not have.

Further, there are some guys out there who want to practice celibacy, whether that be permanently, for a period of time due to religious or personal beliefs, or even if they simply want to cleanse the body.  Cock cages work wonderfully for these types of people who are new to practicing celibacy and need a bit of an extra security blanket to ensure that they don’t stray. These are only a couple of the reasons that single men choose to wear cock cages – but I hope that it provides a little insight into a seemingly mysterious world.


Unknown Key Holders:-

There are actually forums, and dedicated websites to individuals who want to be online key holder for other people. They find the idea of being in control of someone’s sexual urges to be a turn on for themselves, and they are there to help the people who want to engage in chastity, yet aren’t in a relationship, don’t have a friend willing to help and yet still want to be in a chastity relationship. These people might market themselves as chastity trainers, or as Mistresses and Masters who will look after you, and help you achieve the lifestyle of chastity that you want. Chastity slaves are generally held captive by their keyholder either through the physical submission of their key, or will be given a new lock with a code with which the chaste male may request for different reasons. There are a few things which might be different with an online chastity relationship as opposed to physical chastity relationship.

The male seeking chastity may discuss with the key-holder the length of time that the male has to remain in the chastity device. Once the allocated time has passed, the key or code will be given in order to free them. If the chaste male has broken a rule, or a guideline, then an extension of chastity may be given. The time may be days, weeks or even months, or it could be left unneeded with the chaste male having to perform certain tasks in order to complete his sentence.


relating to each other
key communication


Communication Is Key. As with all submissive and dominant relationships limits are discussed, put into a document or agreement and signed/agreed to by all parties. It would be wise to ensure that there is an agreement so that there are a sense of guidelines to the relationship.

A Physical Key, or code must be given to a third individual/party or put in safe keeping for emergencies. If something were to happen to the dominant, or key holder and there was an emergency, allowances must be given so that the chaste male can obtain freedom.

Once limits have been set, the chaste male has given over all control. From here the keyholder could get them to perform daily tasks, have fun with them in humiliating and obscene ways, or simply ensure that the chaste male is following all instructions. Failure to do this could result in an extension of the time spent in chastity, or they might be given increasingly humiliating acts as a form of punishment. Though it should be noted that not all chastity relationships contain elements of humiliation and that there are other tasks that can be completed in the absence of humiliation. In virtual key holding situations – the chaste male will need to provide proof that the tasks are being completed and proof could be given in the form of photos, videos, emails, text, or voice. The situations and the tasks are endless. We have provided an example of some humiliating assignments that might be used:

  • Do not wear underwear and socks
  • Go to a nude beach
  • Walk around gym locker room nude
  • Wear white spandex/lycra while jogging or at gym
  • Shower only with cold water
  • Insert 2 golf balls in the ass for 24 hours
  • Shave all body hair below your neck. Keep shaved during sentence
  • Wear a leather slave collar in public
  • Wear a butt plug with a tail on it for an entire day
  • Grab a black marker and write your penis size on your head in inches/cm and then go shopping.
  • Go to a gym with showers and take a shower with chastity cage in front of your gym buddies
  • Take a bunch of photos with you naked and wearing the chastity cage in range of different positions. Send it to the Keyholder
  • Write a 2000 word essay on the benefits of chastity and send it to the Keyholder
  • Take a picture kneeling and naked wearing the chastity cage in a changing room at the shopping centre
  • List 50 reasons why it is a privilege to be allowed to be kept in chastity by the Keyholder (We have acquired this task through a chaste slave and posted it in an article on this website)

What these tasks are designed to do is to incorporate and reinforce the dominant and submissive relationship through the unknown key-holder. Such assignments are not for everyone, and there may be a discussion as to the types of assignments that are doable when setting the guidelines of the relationship – but it is the mission of the dominant to slowly increase your boundaries, though a good dominant will understand those boundaries and push them without breaking them.


Solo Chastity:-

The last group of individuals are the ones that simply want to enjoy solo chastity without the influence of others. They could constitute a combination of any of the above mentioned feelings, and they might not have any. They may simply enjoy being caged and the self-control that they are physically putting on themselves. In our next article we will go through some of the safety tips as well as some games that might be played by people in solo chastity.

There are in fact hundreds of thousands of people that prescribe to this and groups like NoFap claim to be a secular porn-recovery community.