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Chastity is a form of sexual play which sees the denial of orgasm and release. Short term chastity, is not considered to be harmful, especially when considering males with low sex drives. However, when it comes to the idea of long term chastity, the internet lights up with opinions, contradictions and beliefs. The idea of prostate milking is a much loved topic when it comes to chastity, and there are many people that sit on either side of the fence, with some saying that prostate milking is necessary, and others saying that it is not. What you do is entirely up to you, and your chaste male partner, however to help with your opinion we asked urologist on their thoughts regarding long term denial of ejaculation.



I am a urologist that enjoys chastity play. This background has given me a unique insight into chastity play and denial of orgasms. As with most kind of BDSM activities, there are always safety concerns, and i write this article so that people are aware of the safety concerns, can make informed decisions and ensuring that no one experiences any kind of pain or damage when orgasms are being controlled or denied. Most males are aware of a built in safety net that has been added to their bodies. When young boys start becoming sexually active through the production of semen and an ability to gain erections, they will discover that if they do not masturbate then they can often experience involuntary ejaculations during sleeping, also known as

‘Wet Dreams’

What this action does is accommodate for the oversupply of semen, and essentially clears the pipes. A chastity device prevents the wearer from getting erections, and a male can still ejaculate even if he cannot get an erection. Whilst there are a bunch of devices on the internet for commercial and home use which claim to prevent the emission of semen, it is ultimately unlikely that they will be able to overcome the natural safety release. Even if they did work effectively, there are dangers in the long term prevention of ejaculation.

One of the main components of semen is, prostatic fluid, and this is continuously being produced by the male prostate gland. The prostate’s purpose is to create the fluid which nourishes sperm for their journey, and it is roughly about 30% of the volume of semen. Unlike other glands within the body, the prostate has muscular components to it which it uses to expel prostatic fluid into the urethra during ejaculation. It’s common knowledge to understand that muscles need to be exercised, failure to exercise muscles will often result in atrophy – which is why when dealing with respite and palliative care that physical exercise becomes paramount. Thus, we have revealed two dangers of the denial of orgasm and sexual release for the prostate. Firstly, long term denial can result in the prostates muscles becoming quite weakened – this will cause difficulties during ejaculation and the glands capacity to empty itself. Secondly there can be an oversupply or abundance of the prostatic fluid in the prostate gland which can result in several problems just by itself.

Prostate Operation
Prostate Surgery


We’d like to take a brief side not and state; if you’re over 35 and you’ve never had a prostate exam then you should start scheduling them know. They’re fairly simple, and painless and they’ve been made out to be a worse thing than what they are. Your doctor will feel your prostate gland from inside through the rectal wall. Physical examination is paramount and the first line of defense when it comes to prostate illnesses. If the doctor detects any enlargement or abnormalities his first question will be regarding the last time that you ejaculated as this can affect the size of the prostate.

Benign Prostatic Enlargment (BPE) is increasingly common the older that a man gets, but the far more common cause of an enlarge prostate is caused by infrequent ejaculation. What this can lead to is a form of prostatitis. This can be harmful to the gland and is essentially an inflammation of the prostate gland, it is a painful inflammation. BPE, enlarged prostates, and irregular and infrequent ejaculation is what many people within the medical fields believe is a contributing reason for prostate cancer.

It might sound weird and unorthodox, but there have been many times in my doctor to patient history where I have been forced to prescribe masturbation and ejaculation. Especially in the case of older men who have found themselves single, they not only believe that masturbation is a sin, but they might also believe that masturbating is extremely disrespectful to their loved on who has passed away, or whom they have separated with. Convincing them to masturbate in order to solve and prevent some of their prostate issues was a task in of itself. I have also had to treat a patient who had prevented himself from ejaculating for almost a year.

Now this particular case wasn’t as a result of a kink, though it can be hard to tell if they’re embarrassed about chastity, as he claimed to have some form of mental disorder which resulted in delusions about sexual activity. Unfortunately, he had developed a myriad of issues as a result. Not only did he have a prostate that was rock hard to touch, but he also had an incredibly painful inflammation of the seminal vesicles. The seminal vesicles can be felt whenever you give yourself a testicular exam


(Friendly Reminder That You’re Doing This As Well Every Month, Yes Guys?)


and they’re the small tubular things that you can feel during the massage. He also had epididymitis, which is an infection that causes inflammation to the tubes which are at the back of each testicle and are responsible for the collection of spermatozoa. Long story short, he first had to be given anesthesia to undergo a forced milking massage, but this ultimately failed.

Following that, and his refusal to masturbate, we had no other choice but to remove the prostate and the surrounding tissues. He had to be given a long course of treatment in order to get rid of the inflammation and infection and he lost most sexual function. Whilst this was a rare, and extreme case, it can happen and it serves as a warning sign to the dangers of extreme chastity control. Anyone that is partaking in this kind of activity should be regularly checked by their urologist to ensure that there everything is going smoothly.

At the end of the day, it should be noted that every man is different. Everybody is different and each individual will have different tolerances for the length as to this kind of activity, so it is very difficult to ascertain any particular kind of medical standard. Because this kind of evaluation comes under health and safety, then any good dominant will not refuse permission to take the device off to go to the doctor as it is a reasonable request within chastity training.

50 Reasons To Wear A Chastity Device!

1. I wanted to stop masturbating and stay pure, clean and ready to make love with my life whenever that she chose.



2. I wanted to surrender the complete control of my manhood to my wife, and to reassure her that I did not cheat (which included playing with myself), when I was traveling for work.

3. I wanted to increase and heighten awareness of myself when it came to the ideas of sexual relief and pleasure.

4. By stopping my ability to masturbate, I in turn would become very attentive to my wife. During previous sexual activities I would always come too quickly, and now the focus has shift to me being able to pleasure and satisfy my wife by giving her repeated orgasms whenever she chooses.

5. To stop masturbating for no reason. By not having the ability to masturbate, it makes me incredibly horny all of the time as I am now in a constant awareness of my penis.

6. Even though I am no longer able to get an erection except when my wife chooses, i am still mentally aroused by her sight, as well as the feeling and physical act of being locked in a chastity cage.

7. I wanted to satisfy my wife in all things sexual and I can do this by remaining in a constant and continual state of arousal. This allows me to serve her every wish and desire without the distraction of my own sexual release. I adore the constant teasing that occurs through the use of wearing a chastity device. I love channeling this teasing into discovering new ways to pleasure and satisfy my wife in ways other than through the act of penetration.

8. I wanted to satisfy my wife and make her happy by being a better husband. My removing the distraction of sexual energy I have now found that my time and attention are going to who and what is important, where this wasn’t the case before being put into chastity. My mind is now in the right place, and for the right reasons.

9. I wanted to increase the sexual tension in our relationship. By avoiding all masturbation, I am now saving my sexual energy for the love of my life, my key holder.

10. I believe that every male should be kept in a state of chastity and denied sexual pleasure until the time comes where his dominant deems it appropriate to release him.

11. I wanted to experience the frustration of being unable to secure sexual release and I view this as a sign of devotion for and towards my wife.

12. I wanted to be easier to control, and to learn how to be a much nicer, more attentive husband. I love the feeling of being controlled.

13. The thrill of being chaste appeals to me, as I enjoy being the slave to a woman.

14. To cease the useless act of masturbation and to ensure being fully given to my wife. Giving her the attention and energy that she deserves.

15. I find arousal in the idea that I am unable to get an erection. I am now fully aware of my manhood at all times and understand the limitations that it had placed onto me.

16. I wanted to spice up my sex life and to be in a position to fully understand, and demonstrate, the love that I have for my wife.

17. I wanted the fantasy of being a chaste male and the opportunity to exercise physical self-control.



18. I wanted to sacrifice my needs so that I could better please my partner, and be in a position where she has the attention that she deserves for being my wife.

19. I wanted to serve my mistress, give myself wholly unto her whims and desires. I find the idea of edging to be incredibly erotic, and I enjoy the constant teasing and being turned on even though i cannot release it.

20. I wanted to be able to serve my wife better, and not be wasting any of my energy towards my own selfish pleasure.

21. I found that I was using masturbation which would impact my sex life with my wife. I wanted to refocus the sexual energy and behavior that I was exhibiting back, exclusively, towards my wife.

22. To increase attentiveness through the use of sexual frustration. This frustration has increased my levels of intimacy and devotion.

23. My wife likes to be in control when it comes to our sexual intimacy, and enjoy surrendering it wholly to her.

24. I want to work towards longer term bondage. The focus of the key holder is very intense and there is an incredible sense of belonging when one is under someone else’s control for a period of time, and perhaps indefinitely. I have found that this is an exceptionally good idea for maintaining a relationship.

25. I like the idea of being forced to please my wife when there is no guarantee for my releasing and there is potentially no relief for my longing and suffering. I like the building up of sexual tension until the moment that it is released and at my wife’s desire.

26. My keyholder has told me that the longer that I wear my chastity device, the more sexual and erotic I become when I do nothing else but serve her whims and desires.

27. Chastity has made our sex life amazing, and I enjoy the comfort and safety in the knowledge that she now trusts me completely, as I am no longer in a position to potentially have sex with anyone other than my wife.

28. By not being able to have sex, it makes me exceptionally conscious and aware of the enjoyment of sex. In addition, I no longer have to attempt or seek permission to initiate sexual activity, as the choice is now wholly up to her.

29. Every night is now far more erotic, even when I find that my wife is not in the mood for sex. The buildup of sexual tension is amazing.

30. It is the wish of my wife. I am now, her property.

31. Chastity has led me to being able to control my masturbation and pornography habits.

32. I find that chastity excites me. I enjoy the humiliation that I feel not being able to control my sexual desires and manhood and I love the control that this has given to my wife.

33. I have found that being unable to satisfy my sexual urges that it has increased my arousal levels, and makes me incredibly horny most of the time. It satiates my submissive feelings and plays with my mind.

34. There is an increased sexual excitement through the use of this form of bondage.

35. I found this an exciting and new way to experiment and enhance the sexual nature of our relationship.

36. I love my wife, she makes me whole, and I want to devote my life to her through being the most attentive, and the most loyal partner than I can be.

37. When wearing the device I have discovered how different sex makes me. I am now more caring, more attentive, and more devoted to my partner than I was before.

38. My orgasms are now more intense through the heightened and prolonged sense of foreplay. Not knowing if this is the moment where I will get the opportunity to be free, adds to the excitement of being in chastity, and makes me try harder to make my wife happy in the hope that she will release me.

39. I am aroused by the fun and frustration of not being in control. I like my partner being in control as I find this to be very arousing.

Metal BDSM Mask
Head Chastity

40. Chastity was the completion of a personal fantasy of mine. I enjoy serving my wife, and being controlled. My sexual needs and desires are now the control of my wife, and my sexual release will be continually denied until it suits her.

41. There is an excruciating pleasure of not being able to be in control. This pleasure was frustrating and made me angry at first, until I had learned to channel that energy on to the pleasuring of my wife.

42. I am not able to focus wholly on her with no distractions. My release is subject to her control, my orgasms when I get them are more intense.

43. Through chastity I am able to experience more powerful sexual activities and to be far more loving to my partner.

44. I now understand that my wife wants me solely for her sexual gratification. The sole reason as to why I am now wearing one (as I would never have agreed to it to begin with) was that I simply woke up one morning to find it had been attached to me. In her mind, she put it on my so that we could be more intimate as lovers and sexual partners. She had noticed that when we had not had sex for a while, that I would become a better lover.

45. It turns us both on. She completely loves being in control of the situation and it turns me on that she is in control.

46. I wear it because I am told to, I am the object of sexual gratification and I cannot be trusted.

47. The wearing of a chastity device has adjusted my attitude, it has encouraged my feelings of submission and it has ensured a growth in the level of her dominance as a result.

48. It has added new facets and dimensions to our relationship. It has allowed me to get closer and more intimate with my wife, and I enjoy the feeling of not being my own person who I can control as I am controlled by another.

49. It is a symbol, expression and physical manifestation of my devotion to my wife.

50. I am constantly horny. A horny slave quickly becomes an obedient slave in the hope of being released.

A Male Chastity Story

Keyholder Games

A True Males Chastity Story:-

In part I was asked to write this as an assignment for my wife that I love dearly– as she had wanted to know the story of my chastity. In part, I’ve written this with the idea of sharing it to others who may undertake the same journey that I have taken in order to make sure that the journey is a little easier. Chastity is not something that’s spoken about a lot in person, the majority of my knowledge that I started out with was through online sources. I guess, in hindsight that the reason that not a lot of people talk about it in person is the idea that you’re caging up your dick. In a sense, you’re taking away what makes you a man. That’s how some people look at it, but it’s not how I looked at it.

Today, I am in the wonderful position of having a beautiful wife who loves me in chastity, and who enthusiastically and joyfully holds the key to my chastity cage. She has the control to unlock me whenever she chooses, and she relishes the idea of not only keeping me on edge, but she enjoys the changes that have occurred in my behavior and in our relationship. It wasn’t always like this though, when I first started considering the idea of chastity, I didn’t quite know how to bring it up with my wife, and so I hid it. In hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best of moves but in my defense I wasn’t certain that it was going to be something that I enjoyed and I wanted to try it out by myself first so that I could then confidently bring it up.

Saying to your wife,

‘Hey This Is Something I Like Do You Mind If We Give It A Go’

Is A Very Different Thing To Saying

‘Hey, I Was Thinking About Trying This I Don’t Know If I’d Like It Or Not’.


It may not sound like much of a difference, but the difference to me was about confidence, and I always assumed that I was a confident person in life. I was unsure of sharing a fetish that I may or may not be into; what if we tried it and I didn’t like it and she started thinking about all the other weird things in the world that I may or may not like. It’s a whole different kettle of fish.



It began one night when my wife was asleep and I was surfing the internet for porn. I was re-watching some of my favorite porn where there was a mistress and a male slave, and as I would usually get really turned on by this idea. Watching the guys squirm under their ‘wives’ was something that was completely different to anything else that I’d watched. After going through a few videos and I must admit to lubing up and masturbating myself, I stumbled upon one where he was locked in a chastity cage. I was a little confused by this one and I momentarily lost my mojo, but I was hooked on watching it.

It was a strange fascination. She told him that he might be released if he pleased her, and there this guy was, his dick locked away in a cage, as he pleasured his mistress. Confusion turned to arousal and before long I was immensely turned on. Unlike other videos it was all centered on her, on her pleasure, and this I found to be fascinating, and alluring and all things hot. Before I knew it I was stroking to this video watching this woman orgasm again and again as a result of her man. After a few times, she appeared satisfied and I was eager to see him unleashed and to start having sex. But, she walked away and the video ended.

I completely lost it. I was so turned on by this. After that I started looking up chastity cages, why people did it, what their enjoyment was, and what kinds there were. I went through forums, and websites and guides and all sorts of things. The more I searched, the more I thought that this could be something that I was into.

It took a few weeks of research, remembering that I was hiding it from my wife and there were only certain times that I could be sure that I was surfing the internet in privacy. When I first started trying things with chastity cages,I was all alone. I eventually ordered a very simple steel cage from this site, and eagerly waited for it to arrive.

Male Chastity Sizing
Cock Cage


I must admit that it was confusing when I first started out though. Not only was I trying to do it without anyone noticing, but there simply were a huge mix of ring size, lengths, and so on and so forth to look over and it was simply difficult and confusing – but I persevered. The first couple of rings I got were far too generous and way too big. I didn’t know that I could measure myself up and I did it primarily by sight. Big mistake. I didn’t know at the time! I had it delivered to work so that my wife didn’t find out.

Thankfully, I worked in a small office, so I knew that my parcel would be safe. When my first one arrived I was so excited. I went to the bathroom at work and tried to put it on. I couldn’t even wait until I got home! Unfortunately though, id stuffed up and ordered the wrong ring size. I was so disappointed. In hindsight, because I’d used cock rings before id ordered a similar ring size, but what I didn’t take into account was the my cock rings were made of a stretchy material, and this being steel didn’t stretch and thus was a little too small.

Annoyed at myself because I knew I couldn’t return it I immediately went online and tried to buy another one. I was embarrassed that i’d stuffed up and so I ordered from another website. This one told me that I need to measure up, and I chastised myself for letting something so simple escape my attention. Once the new device had arrived (this one turned out to be a lot better), the time had come to truly attempt to see what chastity and not being able to masturbate was about!

Chastity Man
Man in Cock Cage


When I initially began trying to wear a chastity cage, I was all alone. I found a lot of enjoyment through the act of being bolted up in my chastity device, and to be honest, I also found that there was an immense amount of erotic pleasure in hiding that from my wife. I found it difficult at times, trying to maintain that balance as to when, where and how I could wear it, because at this stage I didn’t want to get caught out. I’d start by wearing it when she wasn’t around for small periods of time at home, and then taking it off before she got back. I found this incredibly helpful in building up my confidence and mastering my self-control, instead of eagerly jerking off while she was out, I’d be stuck in my cock cage until she came back.

The rush of trying to get it off before she came in the door was always exhilarating, and interestingly I found a renewed sense of passion in the sense that I would usually attack her the minute that she walked into the door. It wasn’t always fun and games though, and while I was building up my confidence and getting more emboldened there was more that I was missing out on. It was difficult, very difficult, because I always knew which spot the keys where and it was only a simple matter of getting them and letting myself out at whatever point I felt like it. However, that defeated the purpose of it and every time I did, I’d feel guilty and shit. I’d really trained myself well on this I think.

Over the first few weeks I was always experimenting and over time I gradually became more accustomed to the feeling of the chastity cage. I’d started off with perhaps a few hours at home, so that I could get a feel of it. I’d read in some of the forums that you should gradually work your way into it, just to ensure that it was a comfortable fit and that there wasn’t any dramas in the feeling. I began wearing it out of the house for little bits at once until I felt safe – it’s quite erotic to think about the fact that no-one else knows that you’re wearing something underneath! It’s also quite scary. When I first started venturing out of the house with my device, I’d be thinking that everyone would discover my secret.

It took some logistics and cleverness to rearrange my pants, or satisfy an itch in public when wearing a chastity device. That was the key in venturing outside, it was an active effort in building up my confidence, I had to change my mentality and learn to realize that no-one was staring at me because I was wearing a chastity cage, nor could they magically see it. The frown on their face wasn’t them judging me at all, maybe they were simply having a bad day, or were deep in concentration. It’s amazing the things you notice on people’s faces when you think that the whole world is against you. It really was all in my head. The idea was confusing because I found it both arousing and scary to have my limits and boundaries stretched. But again, that nagging feeling came back in the sense that I was missing out on something. That I could take this a step further. The safety of always knowing where the key was, was comforting. But as I grew more confident, knowing where the key was became a hindrance.

So, I took it further in the only way that I knew how. With my new found confidence I began keeping myself in chastity for longer periods of time, in part to test my limits, and in part to continue pushing my levels of comfort, to continually seek that buzz. I wasn’t all that confident at first, I’d always keep a spare key in my sock in the unlikely event of an emergency. Knowing that I could feel it under my foot was both a blessing and a curse, and I alternated between keeping it in my pocket and my shoe.

In my shoe, I could feel it there and since I could feel it, I knew that I had the power to undo it at any point in time throughout the day. You can’t feel the key in your pocket, and the first few times you go out because the key is so small you feel that you’ve lost it and you freak yourself out. Eventually I started getting enough courage to take it to work. Which at first was quite distracting, but over time I’d learnt to just ignore the fact that it was there. It was actually kind of thrilling to have something there that my co-workers knew nothing about – which was strangely erotic.

My whole attitude was beginning to change. Even my wife had noticed that I was happier and more content, and we were making love like never before. Over time, with more courage and comfort I began to leave the keys at home. It began at first just for some small trips to the store, getting the groceries, at work and eventually for out of town trips – the first trip was a nightmare. But I managed it, survived and here I am! Eventually though – it became a little boring and I really wanted the sensation and feeling of not having any access to the keys at all!

Then one day, I slipped up. I had left the chastity device in my side table and she had gone through my drawer looking for a spare charger. She comes back out holding it in her hand, and she asks what it is. I’m not going to go into all the details, as there was some serious conversation, but in short I opened up. I told her that I had seen a video, that it looked like fun and that I was turned on by it. She seemed a bit shocked at first, but after telling her some of the benefits that I’d been having and the ways in which my attitude had changed, I think she calmed down.

She took it to heart in the beginning and she was a little confused and upset. She didn’t quite understand the idea of locking up someone in a cage and what this meant. I offered to talk things through with her but she gently refused, saying that she was a little upset and confused about why Ididn’t tell her before. In hindsight, I was freaking out about the idea that she didn’t like chastity and the discussion was centered on this. As such, I was missing her point where she felt upset because I didn’t tell her, and instead she had to find out herself.

She took a few days to calm down, I’d given her a few websites that she could look up and asked her to go an adult shop, which she did, and then one day she just came along and said

‘I’d Like You To Wear This Now’

Chastity Game
Chastity Couples


And I did. I don’t know where the keys are, I don’t think I ever will. But there is an enormous relief in her accepting this. We had some discussions about it, and the rules (she had really done her research), and I told her that I liked the idea of being dominated and from there it just, blossomed. She enjoyed it. I could tell that she was enjoying it. It was like, overnight, our relationship had changed, that we were closer and that we were more together. I think the hardest thing from this point that I had to deal with, and I’m not going to sugar coat it – but sleeping with chastity devices was both hard and painful and it took a long time for me to get used to them.

Most people have no idea just how often they get erections at night and there were numerous times when I just couldn’t take it anymore and I begged to be let out. But i wasn’t. I never was. She felt bad at first, i could tell that she did. But over time that response hardened, and grew and the guilt went away. This was the hardest part about wearing them, and getting used to this took the longest.

It’s now been several months since we started chastity together as a couple. As I’m writing this, it’s been twenty four days since my last sexual release, though my wife has enjoyed her orgasm on three separate occasions this week alone. I’m now wearing my chastity full time and I can tell that my wife is loving it, and honestly, I am too.

An Introduction Into Male Chastity

Historical Chstity

Let’s go through some of the themes surrounding the idea of sexual chastity devices and we will do this through an exploration of male chastity devices. Chastity has become an increasingly popular sexual practice, whereby the sexual power of one individual is placed into another. Chastity results in one member of the relationship holding the power to sexual release and climax, and there are many psychological aspects which are placed onto this sexual practice which we will explore. From there we will look at some of the types of devices, how to pick a device that best suits your needs, and the care and maintenance of both the device and the wearer.

Extended chastity device use poses its own risks and merits and these need to be carefully explored, and you will find medical articles here that not only explain the science of male chastity, but also the potential dangers as well. One of the most common questions when it comes to chastity devices, is what interests people in partaking in chastity practices? Put simply it concerns an exchange of power. Where some BDSM practices result in physical restraints, or psychological restraining through a dominant and submissive relationship – chastity exists through the combination of these, as well as uniquely seeing the restraining of sexual experiences.

Female Chastity
Chastity Device

Chastity sex toys are thought to have existed for a lot longer than people realize. Like most BDSM practices it was often thought to have originated from Medical and Victorian practices, indeed the idea of chastity was said to have risen to prominence within the 18th Century, though it had been said to have existed for a time before that. Chastity devices are often viewed by the general population as a sexually restrictive device worn by women – this idea stems from social roles of men and women, during an age when women were suffering from oppression. This thought can be witnessed through the Middle Age contextual thought of a lord or knight leaving his woman securely ‘bolted up’ while he went off to have to war, or campaign missions to serve the Aristocracy.

It’s difficult not to think that this might have solved half the problems in Westeros and Game of Thrones, but then we’d be missing some of the more important story lines. Whilst we can’t deny that such gadgets did exist and were probably used, most illustrations and ‘authentic’ period pieces which are to be found in exhibition halls are currently viewed by specialists as fakes – generally made in the nineteenth century to titillate guests. That’s right, current research into chastity devices has thrown concerns and doubts as to when and where the chastity devices actually grew in popularity.


The Secret History Of Chastity:-

The history of chastity is often said to be so secret that no-one actually knew that it existed! The chastity belt has long been associated with women in the Middle Ages to prevent sexual intercourse as a form of enforcing loyalty and preventing infidelity when knights and warriors went off to fight on behalf of the Aristocracy. However, researchers have discovered that there is no evidence of chastity device in verified Medieval texts, a fact which has caused much curiosity and puzzlement among historians and researchers. Therefore, the question becomes, if they didn’t exist in medieval times, where has the chastity belt come from?



Albrecht Classen is a self-proclaimed expert of Chastity devices and has published a book titled ‘The Medieval Chastity Belt: a Myth-making Process'(Palgrave Macmillan, 2007). He has determined in this book that the first mention of the chastity device occurred on a treatise concerning siege machines written by an alleged German Engineer and artist, Konrad Kyese. This document, entitled Bellifortis, is thought to have been written around 1405 and contained detailed images about siege weapons, Alexander the Great, and a variety of mythical and fantastical instruments for torture and war. The thing that concerns Classen however, is that whilst there is an image for a chastity device in this work, there are also a number of crude jokes concerning flatulence, and ‘magical’ devices thought to make people disappear. In other words, not everything in this work is to be taken seriously.


Edwardian Chastity
Early Chastity


The concept for the chastity belt was added as an afterword in his document, and Classen argues that this had originally been intended as an imaginative joke. The joke however seems to have stuck and continued on as an entertaining and popular subject of humour and satire. Classen goes on to support this by writing in his book that,


“No Author Of Sermon Literature, Of Penitentiary Texts, Or Didactic And Legal Writers Has Ever Mentioned The Chastity Belt Probably Because Already The Basic Idea Behind It Defies The Basic Needs Of The Human (Female) Body.”



In essence, we see Classen arguing that there is a distinct lack of any form of reliable historical reference or evidence that the chastity device was worn as an undergarment, and further, if on the off chance that it was, that there is exceptionally little logic to support their existence. In a world where illness and disease ran rife, the idea that rough, hard and metallic objects could be worn like this without causing illness or infection defies belief. This is an argument that is also supported by historical experts at the Semmelweis Museum, a museum which ran an exhibition of the History of Chastity devices in 2010.

A 16th Century historian and a curator for the Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire England also agrees with Classen. In the British Medical Journal, Lesley Smith wrote an article in 2007 which stated that she has extensively traveled the word and examined a variety of art collections, and historical pieces, and she has yet to have seen a chastity belt that can conclusively be proven to have originated from the Medieval period. Smith also is of the belief that the ‘joke’ stuck, because the concept is understandable given the context of social beliefs concerning sex and sexuality at the time. Medieval Europe was a period in which any form of sexual activity that was not related to conception was a sin and ultimately forbidden. A chastity device fits into this contextual belief which has resulted in historians, researchers and studies concerning the chastity device, to fail to notice the allegorical and satirical humour behind the device, instead resulting in the proclamation that the chastity device was real.



Sarah Bond, an assistant Professor at the University of Iowa, has suggested something slightly different. Whilst she acknowledges that the metallic devices were probably rarely used, or considered jokes by the Victorians, she does suggest that there are social practices which precede the chastity belts as a way of explaining them. Bond explains that Chastity Belts actually originated in Ancient Rome. Brides in Ancient Rome would wear a corded belt to symbolize one’s chastity, and would later be taken off by her husband. As such, the idea that a belt would signify modesty and chastity, was a social practice that continued throughout the Middle Ages, and ultimately might be the reason for the joke.

The once fabric corded belt could have evolved into a belt ornately designed with metal to symbolize chastity and to separate the idea between the working class (fabric belt) and the upper class (metal belt). This belt was worn around the hips, as opposed to around the female genitals. Most of the historians concerning female chastity devices continually refer back to same point; that the idea of a chastity device had intended to be a joke, and a failure to acknowledge this is seen as being consistent with a practice with in which modern historians and researchers partook in to conjure a more ‘barbaric’ version of Medieval society than what had actually existed in truth.

Regardless of whether you subscribe to the idea that chastity devices are a great joke, or whether you believe that they originated from Ancient Roman customs, or even if you believe that they have existed and that historians have attempted to cover up a great sex joke – one cannot deny that they have ultimately morphed into a popular sexual fetish. Though it really wasn’t until the introduction of the world-wide web until these devices became more popular to zest up a sexual relationship.

Even now they can be used in averting masturbation, as well as denying sexual activity to anyone other than the holder of the key to the chastity device – the key holder being the primary person (usually a dominant) who had the key to the chastity toy and could unlock the partner for sexual activity at any point that they chose. Male chastity devices all have two things in common; the first being that they are designed to prevent an erection. They do this by either having a short cage which barely fits a flaccid penis, or (especially useful for those with large flaccid cocks) an angled piece whereby the angle is so sharp that an erection is impossible. Second, they are designed to be locked up by the key holder or their partner in order to prevent tampering.

Male Chastity Devices are designed for people that don’t trust their partner, like a little more control in their relationship such as mistress and slave/master and slave relationships, long distance relationships or for people entering into the world of BDSM.

These days there are so many different styles and variations of styles it is sometimes difficult to be keeping up to date with the latest of chastity toys specifically for men in a wide variety of styles and that will suit your specific needs. If you need a cage that can be easily cleaned whilst still being worn, we can point you in the right direction, if you need a cage that’s a little bit more torturous than most, our friends at the cockringshop will have it. There are also specific cages that can be used with piercings – and they stock those as well. All your chastity toys will come with a unique lock and key and then all you have to do is ensure the safety of that key by putting it in a safe place (many people with chastity devices like to put the key around a necklace chain or an ankle chain so that it is within plain site of their partner but it still can’t be touched. What a tease!

Chastity devices may not be used to enforce fidelity as it was once thought to have done, though we do acknowledge that some people use them this way for that specific purpose, but they are used as a form of exchanging power. Indeed, in a great social back-flip, chastity devices have switched the focus onto being worn by males as opposed to females! So, take  a journey of chastity devices, and we promise you, unlike the ones that are in museums – these ones aren’t fake!