One night stand or long term relationship?

When it comes to male sex toys the industry has revolutionised the amount of options men have now, they are undeniably spoilt for choice! When choosing a male toy it is hard to choose, every article or website tries to convince you every toy is the best, so how do you choose? I’m going to help you narrow it down and talk about a variety of male toys that all serve a purpose, and that sole purpose is to please you!

What’s involved?

Now let’s start with what owning a male toy involves! First of all, obviously a lot of fun and self pleasure! But you also need to care for your male toy. Some male toys need to use a toy cleaner and revitalising powder. The Fleshlight company make a great refresh powder. It’s important to invest in a refresh powder because you want your new best friend to stay new for as long as possible! You don’t want it becoming sticky, smelly and worn out. A fleshlight toy cleaner will get rid of any leftover lube residue or bacteria from your penis, it’s an important part of your sexual health to make sure you are always using cleaner after use of toys.

Till death do us part or dine and dash?

Being that there is a variety of mens toys, some are built to last and some are designed to be used once. Before buying a male toy, think about how often you masturbate and what you’d be hoping to get out of it. Do you want it to vibrate? Do you want it to be for stamina training? Or, simply just to give your hand a break! Be sure to add a warming lube to the mix (Wicked have an amazing water based warming lube) it will give it the real wet pussy feel.


Tenga are an amazing, innovative company from Japan. They are solely a male masturbation company so they really know what they are talking about when it comes to male toys. This is where the question of forever or dine and dash comes in to play, Tenga have a range of single use masturbators and long life bators. The single use bator, Tenga Soft Touch Cup, comes pre lubed and ready to go, you just use it and then dispose of it once you’re finished! Super simple. It comes in a cooling and heating lubed setting. They also have a range of built to last toys, the most popular being the Tenga Zero Flip Hole which is a vibrating and sunctioning masurbator. It’s considered a luxury male toy, the reason being it’s beautiful sleek design, and strong functions. They’re bound to make any males toes curl! They have a range of cheaper resuable toys such as U.S. Tenga (a larger size for average-larger sized men) and Tenga Air Tech (uses a newly developed air suction for extra pleasure. So it’s safe to say Tenga will have someone to enhance your masturbating life.


Fleshlight are the pioneers of mens toys. They brought out the first male toy, and really set the standard. The great thing about Fleshlight is you have a choice of a mouth, vagina or anal opening. They’re also super discreet because of the large torch appearance they give off. The joy’s of Fleshlight also include the “pick a pornstar” vibe, if you’ve ever wanted to fuck a certain pornstar, Fleshlight gives you that option with their various molds of real pornstars pussy’s. If that doesn’t excite you, then think of using your masturbator with your real life partner! Fleshlight has a variety of clear bators, such as Fleshlight Quickshot or Fleshlight Ice. The reason these are so perfect for couples use is because of the clear look they have, you and your partner will have the visual stimulation of watching your penis be stroked, and love how easy and fun it can make a basic hand job!


Kiiro are an innovative new company on the block, they have some amazing app technology involved. The Kiiro male bator has pornhub connectivity, meaning you can connect your device to your phone and it’ll recreate the speed of which the male pornstar is thrusting into the female star. The Kiiro can also give off the same amount of sensation as the star is getting, so for example if he is only halfway into her vagina only half of your penis will get given sensation from the toy. Isn’t that exciting?! Kiiro also have an amazing couples set, it includes a female g spot wand and male masturbator. The absolutely amazing thing about this set is it comes with all the same connectivity technology as the pornhub stimulation, if your girlfriend is using the wand you will only feel sensation as far as she inserts it! Talk about long distance relationship heaven!

Hopefully this has given you some insight and answers into the world of male toys! The list doesn’t just end at Kiiro, Fleshlight and Tenga. The Oh Zone Adult stores have so many options for males, and couples alike. Choosing a male toy shouldn’t be hard, it should be fun and create a new spark in your solo or partnered sex life! When choosing a male toy there is no one size fits all approach, go with what you feel is right for you, not claimed “the best” by a website you’ve come across on the net! Do some research, get all the right products and you’re on your way to a happier life!

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