Interview With The Chaste Cyclist!

Recently we came across a great interview with a family man.  Happily married with children but totally into the Chaste Lifestyle.  He really enjoys being a male in chastity and one of his other loves is cycling.  He decided to start a blog that would be part of his ‘lifestyle diary’ even putting a calendar on the days his keyholder would release him.

The blog developed a bit of a cult following and here you can read what he has to say about male chastity and his sexual lifestyle….

One Reply to “Interview With The Chaste Cyclist!”

  1. Greatly appreciated your Guide.

    One subject you might want to touch on is guys like me who have a nearly useless penis, can’t get it up and too small! About 2”! So, I am in a constant state of chastity! Denial?

    As, I said you might want to devote a sentence or two to this in your Guide?

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