Inside Female Sexual Fantasies

Every woman has sexual fantasies. Many of them are embarrassed to admit their fantasies and ashamed to talk about them, but it is completely normal to fantasies. In fact, most sexual fantasies are pretty common. Generally, most people think about forbidden partners, new and risky locations, BDSM and using sex toys. These imaginary scenarios allow women to explore their sexuality and understand themselves better in a safe space.  In long-term relationships, couples can share their fantasies to bring some excitement back into the bedroom, while for newer partners, talking about kinks can be a way to gauge compatibility.

Sexual Fantasies

However, some fantasies can be a little troubling – like sleeping with someone who is not your partner. In this context, it is important to understand that not all fantasies are literal or are expressions of hidden feelings and desires. Instead, they are the result of daily experiences colliding with thoughts and emotions. After all, our brain works in a marvelously mysterious way, and we are not even close to completely understanding it. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular female sex fantasies.


1.  Doing it with two or more people at the same time

This fantasy revolves around being the center of attention and desired by a number of people at the same time. Women want this as an affirmation of their attractiveness and self-worth. Threesomes are already popular, but an increasing number of women express interest in fantasies involving larger groups. The sensory overload from seeing, touching and being pleasured by multiple people simultaneously is fascinating and erotic. Generally, women who haven’t had too many sexual partners or are in long-term relationships have this fantasy.



2.  BDSM

BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. This is a very common female sexual fantasy involving the exchange of power. It is alluring as one partner (the woman, in this case) gives up control and submits to being dominated by her partner. This can be particularly appealing to women who have to be in control outside the bedroom. It is important to understand that this fantasy does not imply that the woman is weak or that her partner is better than her. It is about arousal and requires immense trust as one person is placed in a vulnerable position. BDSM sex toys like whips, harnesses etc., are great to use, but it is essential to have a discussion regarding boundaries and comfort levels before engaging in this fantasy.


3.  Role Play

We always want what we can’t have; that’s just how the brain works. The role play fantasy is about having sex with someone who is forbidden or taboo. This can include people in positions of authority like your professor or your boss who exert some degree of control over your life. Fantasizing about getting into bed with them is a way of taking pleasure in the authority they wield. It is okay to have dirty thoughts about someone who is not your partner, like a co-worker or a friend’s husband. Very often, this is just a manifestation of everyday experiences and desire colliding in your head. So the next time you fantasies about your hot neighbor, try some role-play in the bedroom and switch things up.


4.  Sleeping with a woman

A lot of women fantasies about sleeping with another woman. This is a common female fantasy which does not mean that suddenly, your sexual orientation has changed. Instead, it is more about exploration and experimenting. Being pleasured by someone who understands your body and arousal completely, since they experience it the same way, is incredibly erotic. While for men, penetration is sufficient to orgasm, most women need oral sex and clitoral stimulation to get there. This could be another reason why having sex with another woman is such a turn-on.


5.  Destination Sex

Getting away from responsibilities and relaxing, particularly in a romantic location, is a sexual fantasy both men and women have. The freedom and the experience of being somewhere new without having to worry about anything works wonders for the libido. This is amplified if the trip has been planned by your partner as a romantic gesture and makes you feel desired. After all, who doesn’t like being surprised with a trip to an exotic destination?


While not all sexual fantasies can come true, some of them can definitely be incorporated into your sex life. The key is to communicate effectively with your partner and come up with a scenario with which both of you are comfortable. Using sex toys is a great way to introduce novelty in the bedroom and make your sexual fantasies come true.

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