Best Brothels In Melbourne

What to Look for in a Reputable Brothel

Visiting a brothel can be a great way to let off some steam and achieve a relaxed state. But with so many Melbourne brothels to choose from, it can be hard to separate the best from the rest. If you’re planning to visit a brothel but don’t know where to start, here are four things to look for to ensure you choose a reputable establishment.

Above-Board Services

First and foremost, a reputable brothel should advertise themselves as a legal brothel. Some shady brothels operate illegally, meaning they don’t comply with Australian laws and regulations.When you choose a brothel that operates legally, you can rest assured they only hire ladies who are of legal age and have permission to live and work in Australia. A legal brothel is also more likely to ensure the safety of both patrons and staff at all times.

Range of Services Offered

Reputable Melbourne brothelswill provide a wide range of different services to suit different tastes, preferences and budgets. Rather than offering a single service, you can expect everything from body slides and erotic spa services through to a range of sexy massages. Available massages can include erotic full body massage, 4 hand massage, rub and tug massage, lomilomi massage, happy ending massage and nuru oil massage. 

The brothel called body-line will also offer additional services like orgasm denial, male chastity play and many other forms of BDSM play.

Low Employee Turnover

Another thing to look for in a reputable brothel is a low turnover of employees. Some brothels have poor working conditions or low pay, leading to a high turnover of staff. On the other hand, a reputable brothel that pays staff properly and ensures decent conditions will likely have a lower turnover, meaning you’ll be able to see familiar faces across your visits and request bookings with your favourite girls.


When a brothel has been open for years and has a solid history, you can trust that they’ve earned a reputation in the industry for providing reputable, high-quality services. Brothels that have recently opened might not have a proven track record, making them a riskier choice, while established Melbourne brothels can be relied on to provide a certain level of service. When considering history, you should also look at how happy past clients have been by seeking out reviews online. Reading reviews is an easy way to discover how a certain brothel is rated by others, helping you to sort out the good from the bad so you don’t have to risk wasting your money.

A Modern and Up-to-Date WebsiteMost reputable Melbourne brothels have modern websites that feature profiles and photos of each lady, information about the services offered, and pricing details. The website should be easy to navigate and include the address and contact details of the establishment, as well as their opening hours. All information on the site should be up-to-date. The best brothels will also have a blog section that details some of their services in greater depth or provides additional information about what to expect when visiting a brothel.  

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