Adultsmart Interview With Sir James – Cuckolding!

This morning I read an interesting article from one of my favorite adult blogs Adultsmart.  In it a BDSM Master, Sir James, delves into the intricacies of couples cuckolding and as we all know a bit of cuckolding  play is always better when incorporating a bit of chastity games.  It is informative and delves into what it is like being a master at the Fetish House and a broader understanding of the whole set up.  If you are like me and enjoy expanding your knowledge in your Fetlife have a read of the Sir James interview….

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  1. I intend to place my husband in chastity 24/7 for recent infidelity. I will remove it each morning and sterilize it as I wash them hands free. Hi read extensively and hygiene and will use a surgical bacteriostatic lubricant.
    I am new to this and would like to purchase the asylum with urethral plug. Is that escape proof and will it prevent masturbation? For the time being I am denying him sex or masturbation. Is this unusual for a wife to lock their husband up to prevent infidelity?

  2. Good day .
    While on a quest for knowledge your site has come up a fair amount. An as I have yet to find a answer to my question I felt I’d gave a email a shot. As a married man starting chastity play I am having a very very hard time finding a cage that fits me . I’ve bough two so far with a losing problems. The XL the ring fits well but the cage is to big . An the plastic I fit the cage but the biggest rings are to tight. . When measuring for a ring I am at 6-8 inches around (sorry I’m canadian)
    I am curious about the “an adjustable ” cage but still feel it may be to small on its widest setting.
    So to cut short. Without custom cage do you know what brand or style is made for more hung men over 7 inch?
    Thank you very much for your time.

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