A Hens Night In Melbourne to Remember

There are a lot of ways to celebrate a Hens Nightin Melbourne. Some ladies go abroad with their best friends to celebrate their last night of being “alone” and let loose while others stay in town. For those who don’t want to fly out of the country or go out of town, you can organize a party right in the city and have a good time.

If you are tasked to organize the event for the bride to be and her best friends, you can book a place and have the Hens Night in Melbourne. Sky Strippers, a male entertainment provider, can help you organize and host the awesome Hens Night.

Before we give you a glimpse of how the party will be like, let us first discussed what’s with all the fuzz about Hens Night.

What is a Hens Night?

Easyweddings.com, a leading wedding site in Australia has perfectly described what a hen party is. It is designed to be a wild night of bar-hopping and rowdiness, with ice-breaker games and double dares. And it is not for the faint-hearted as the bride will be dragged out of their comfort zone, be acquainted with the male genitalia, even if it’s plastic, sex toys, and penis straws. Usually, the bridal parties are noisy to let everybody know that they have a hen on the loose.

For Hens Night is customary for the bride’s friends to organize the party that would include the venue, the transport, accommodation, games, costumes, invitations and of course, male entertainment.

What’s Sky Strippers Got to Do with It?

Are you planning a Hens Night for your bride? Give the bride and her best friends a night to remember with a party planned with the help of Sky Strippers. They have the packages for a perfect Hens Night. The organizers know how challenging it can be to piece together the components to make your event successful. But leave it to Sky Strippers to piece everything together and help you host the most awesome party complete with a sizzling hot Male Strip Show.

They offer four different packages guaranteed to keep your guests entertained. Here are their Hens Night Packages:

Sky Booth Package – Keep the party private with your very own booth section complete with drinks and entertainment. The hen and her friends will have special seats during the stage show and can be brought to the stage for an interactive experience. It also includes unlimited partying until the lights are out.

Standard Booth Package – Enjoy the party at the reserved both with drinks served at the table. The group will also have a special seat on the live show and option to bring the bride on stage for an interactive experience. Its only difference from the Sky Booth is the number of drinks available.

Mile High – The hen and her party are entitled to three hours of unlimited drinks from 7-10 PM plus all the amenities during the live shows.

First Class Take Off Live – This covers the standard entrance fee for the show with topless waiters serving drinks and access to unlimited partying until the lights go out.

If you want to make the Hens Night in Melbourne extra special, Sky Strippers offer a unique party package customized for you. It includes different party concepts, Hens party games, alcohol selection of your choice, and different entertainment options. This customized party comes in the most competitive rate in the industry.

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