Chastity 10 Commandments | 10 Rules of Chastity

Commandments of Chastity | Chastity Rules To Adhere To

10 Commandments Of Male Chastity For The Chaste Male!!


love and obey



Your keyholder is your owner and as such they own every part of you and your body and in return you must love and obey them. Your keyholder is entitled to determine which parts of your body are used, and when they are used. With this in mind, your owner has every right to secure your penis in some form of chastity device of both of your choosing. Your owner may lock you up at any time they choose, and for however long they deem in necessary.


Your owner does not need to provide you with any justification or reason in order to secure you in a chastity device. Your only concern is that your owner wants to, and that by itself is reason enough. Whether you want to be secured or not, has no relevance to the situation as per the agreement made in your relationship and Chastity Document.


Under no circumstances (excepting in health and safety emergencies) are you permitted to attempt to remove, alter, or bypass the chastity device with which you have been secured. You, under the terms of the relationship with which you have agreed to, are fully obligated to co-operate with your owner in the fitting of the chastity device and help your owner in the securement of your manhood. You must draw your owners attention to any fault in the device which may impact on its functionality so that your owner can ensure that the device performs as it is intended to perform.


It is your responsibility and duty to keep yourself clean and care for in the area of your manhood so that the wearing of the device is not impeded through health concerns. Following regular cleaning and care, you can continue to be locked up for as long as your owner demands it of you. This is inclusive to the submission of prostate milking so that you can be cleaned internally as well.


You must remember that your owner has locked up your manhood for the precise reason that you can no longer play with yourself or achieve an erection or orgasm. Your manhood is no longer there for your pleasure, but for your owners. Your sole duty is to carry them around for your owner. If erections cause discomfort, then don't do it.


It is your duty and obligation to inform your owner of your experiences whilst wearing the device. You should regularly look at your chastity cage in order to remind yourself of the pleasures that you once had that were in your control and which are now locked away from you. You should let your owner know how you feel, as they may enjoy hearing about your suffering and longing.




Your owner, in the form of humiliation and subject to your agreement, is entitled to remind you about your inability to obtain an erection, get any form of sexual release. Your owner has taken that away from you and chooses to enjoy that teasing. Your owner can get satisfaction at any time that they want, whereas you cannot. Your owner will find this amusing and want to remind you about this continually.


Dependent on the agreement that you have signed, your secret is not entitled to remain a secret. If your owner chooses to tell people about the chastity device, your owner may do so.


Your owner is allowed to provide stimulation to you in any form that they see fit. This may be include, but not be limited to, exposure to erotic imagery and material, direct physical contact.


It is your duty to take pleasure in the idea that your owner takes time from their day in order to control the use of their property and that this will give them amusement. You should always be thankful for having your owner to secure you in a chastity device and you should always be letting them know how thankful you are for that. You should demonstrate this by being attentive and loyal.

Because of this you should take pleasure in the fact that your owner takes the time to control the use of her property and happy that it gives her some amusement. You should always thank her for securing you in chastity and let her know how grateful you are to have your genitals locked up under her control. You should always be happy if she decides to extend your time in chastity and tell her how much you like to continue being emasculated.


Commandments For The Key Holder:-


commandment keyholder



A key Holder should not have time to play mind games. The fact that they have a key should be indication that they are in charge.


There is no room for obscure power games, or power plays, or even petty maneuvering, the key holder is the key holder and that is the power that they have and are limited to.


A key holder has not right and is not entitled to resort to any form of abusive behaviour not outlined in the in the agreement of the relationship. They are not entitled to name calling, to put you down, belittle or physically abuse you in any form. There are always hack saws!


The keyholder should remember that if they want something - then they should clearly state their needs and demands. Key Holders should not sulk, they should not confront their chaste male with such phrases as

'You Should Have Remembered'


'How Could You Forget'.

There is no room for obscure mind games in chastity.  Gone are the days when chastity and bondage was frowned upon as an alternate lifestyle choice and many partakers now use it as a form of art.